Conference theme: Apache EventMesh(incubating) bi-weekly meeting

Meeting time: 2022/06/09 21:00-22:00

Tencent Conference:

Conference number: 346-6926-0133

Host: Mike Xue


1. Discuss the EventMesh Dashboard Feature——liuxiaoyang

The front end of the dashboard has already started. now expanding the admin module in the eventmesh runtime, mainly changing the client management.

2.Discuss the Webhook Feature——laohu

Submitted pr, need further review and improvement

3.Discuss the EventBridge Feature——kebiliang

Discuss the scheme and design in detail

4.Discuss EventMesh v1.5.0 release around the end of June

  • wenjun ruan is the release manager
  • Contains the following features:

    Nacos integration

    GO SDK

    Event Bridge and Http Transformation WebHook to be determined

Consul registry integration

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