Conference theme: Apache EventMesh(incubating) bi-weekly meeting

Meeting time: 2022/08/04 21:00-22:00

Tencent Conference:

Conference number: 346-6926-0133

Host: Mike Xue


1. 1.6.0 Release Status——Weiming Xiaoshuang Li is in charge and is merging the code, voting this week and publishing it next week

2. WebHook——Weiming

3. Consul Registry

a. The unit test is being modified, and the metadata reporting has not been implemented.

b. At present, only the instance information can be connected, and an issue can be raised later

4. Etcd Registry——Jianbo

a. Metadata reporting has not been implemented, and it needs to be implemented in the future

b. Extended the new etcd registration module, c.jdbc grpc-core version, there is a dependency conflict, the upgrade to 0.17.1 is not sure whether it will affect other modules, others need to pay attention. Consider upgrading to a higher version

5. DashBoard function introduction (GSoC project)——Xiaoyang (will be shown in the next regular meeting, if there is no problem, you can submit a pr test)

a. PR is about to be raised, and the registry may support adding or deleting in the future

b.topic is not sure how to display it (Xiaoyang is doing it)

c.metrics displays the current information in real time (Haifeng is doing it, take it directly from the backend); but if it only shows the current information, it may not be meaningful, it is best to look at the fluctuations management has two implementation methods: you can consider adopting the first one, and first realize the acquisition from rocketmq/standalone

6. Pulsar——Xiaoyang (it can basically be realized before the end of the month)

a. The producer has been implemented, but the consumer has not yet been implemented

7.Dledger Connector (Open Source Summer Project)——Liu Wei

a.dledger does not have a publish-subscribe mechanism, so I implemented a broker by myself to do publish-subscribe and forward, and it can run through, but multiple messages have not been tested yet; if you continue to do it, it may be made into rocketmq

b. Saved in the memory, it cannot be recovered if it crashes c. Currently only a stand-alone version d. It may be stupid to call detledgerendindex; still thinking of other ways, research rocketmq; pull and chat alone

8. Kafka (Summer of Open Source Project)——Haohai

a. The consumer producer has been implemented well. There are some problems in the Kafka development environment. It is still being tested. If the test passes, it should be able to pr

9. workflow——Yu Wei (30%, implemented in golang, developing by myself)

a. See screen recording and design documents for details (available in the group)

10. Storage api specification and design——Lao Hu (check it tomorrow)

11. go——Le Liu

a. The scaffolding is set up, talk to Weiming (provide more help), and work together with Runqing

12. Next requirements: go, workflow serverless, filter chain

13. Interactive Q&A

14. Notes on community contributions:

a. ISSUE and PR should be divided into independent small functions as far as possible, so as to conduct Code Review more effectively

b. Always use the same mailbox to submit the code, so as not to cause data dispersion and affect the selection of committers

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