Conference theme: Apache EventMesh(incubating) bi-weekly meeting

Meeting time: 2022/09/15 21:00-22:00

Tencent Conference:

Conference number: 346-6926-0133

Host: Mike Xue

【Feature follow-up】

1. Kafka (Summer of Open Source Project)——Haohai

a. Follow up the specific progress after the meeting, PR has been integrated

2. DashBoard function introduction (GSoC project)——Xiaoyang

a. Follow up synchronization after the meeting


a. Submitted by fengyongshe pulsar consumer pr

4. Knative——JOJO

a. Realize broadcast mode and cluster mode consumption, pr is expected next week

b. Submit the GSOC final inspection

5.workflow——Zhu Yuwei

a.sdk integrates nacos addressing workflow engine, which needs to be discussed. At present, the workflow engine has been integrated with nacos registration, which can be extended

b. At present, the design of starting the workflow requires direct interaction between the client and the engine, and the follow-up process uses eventmesh

c. Subsequent PR will be raised after the select engine PR is integrated

d. Overall progress 80%

6. Storage API specification and design——Lao Hu

a. The standard is mostly completed

b. Redis implementation is 60% complete, and mysql implementation is about 50% complete

c. Make an appointment next week to submit part of PR

7. Webhook problem repair——Lao Hu

a. Split pr submission in progress

b. Regression test after submission, follow up

8.eventmesh-server-go——Liu Le, horoc

a. Late synchronization progress

b. horoc splits the implementation of the rocketmq go plugin, both producer and consumer have been implemented

c. Lack of management interface in go, update with offset (compared with rocketmq java client and go client)

d. The eventmesh updateOffset interface has not yet been implemented

e. After the overall implementation of the go server, it is necessary to evaluate the integrity of the functional features

9. AMQP——Wang Shaojie, Luo Xuqi

a. Overall progress, the conversion between amqp and cloudevents protocols has been realized

b. The transport layer will finish writing and submit PR this week

c. pipline and handler are expected to be submitted next week

d. The amqp server is implemented independently, and the producer and consumer packages are implemented separately?

e. The implementation of the topic exchange is currently using the default method, which needs to store the relationship between exchange and queue

10. Pravega——Liu Wei

a. Update subscription and subscribeTask

b. Cluster mode and broadcast mode

c. Talk about the implementation logic in detail after the meeting

11. Filter and Transformer ——Mike Xue

a. Integrate JsonPath to process the filtering rules for parsing cloudevents

b. Overall progress 80%

c. Filter Rule is stored in etcd

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