Introduction to EventMesh Developer Meeting

As there are more and more EventMesh developers, a communication mechanism needs to be established; therefore, starting from 2022, we will establish a biweekly regular meeting for EventMesh developers.

A brief description of the regular meeting:

  • Period: Held once every two weeks, starting at 21:00 on Thursday evening, pay attention to the group notification for the specific time;
  • Participants: community users, developers, as long as you are interested, you can participate;
  • Participation method: use Tencent conference to participate, link:
  • Regular meeting content: EventMesh version planning and development progress, discussion of new features and functions, architecture design, community operation progress, Q&A, etc.;
  • Question collection: If you have any questions, you can enter the questions that need to be answered in the form in advance, and the project team will answer them at the regular meeting. Question collection link:

Documentation Link

1. 《Weekly Meeting Issues Document》: record the weekly meeting time, host, issues and other information;

Meetings Report

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