Apache Excalibur FAQ

What is the SVN address?


see also: http://excalibur.apache.org/svn.html

Are the Excalibur mailing lists on Gmane?

Yes! Gmane is a newsreader for mailing lists. Point your news reader to:

dev@excalibur.apache.org  <-> gmane.comp.apache.excalibur.devel
user@excalibur.apache.org <-> gmane.comp.apache.excalibur.user
scm@excalibur.apache.org  <-> gmane.comp.apache.excalibur.cvs

How do I build Excalibur?

See the BuildProcess page.

How do I make changes to the website?

If you're an Excalibur developer, see the WebsiteManagement page. If you're an Excalibur user, open a new issue in JIRA and attach your documentation patches (against the XML source, not generated HTML).

Does Excalibur have a Component Library?

Right now, excalibur does provide a component repository. We inherited it from Avalon.

Some of those components need to live. Others can die. Some will live here, some will live elsewhere.

In the future, excalibur will not provide a component repository. Excalibur will provide a kick-ass IoC container or two, and perhaps some related materials.

What are the "standard context entries?"

There's a reference in org.apache.avalon.framework.context.Context that refers to such a list, but it's not easy to find. One way is to somehow call DefaultContext.getContextData() from the contextualize() method of a component. Here's the result:

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