The core of MyFaces CODI consists of two modules (api and impl). Basically the core just provides some basic interfaces of CODI which are used across modules (and can be used also for custom portable extensions), common annotations and useful utils like @ProjectStageActivated, an injectable logger and much more.
The core (both modules) is the only required module for using MyFaces CODI. All other modules are optional. That means you can chose the modules you really need! Most of the other modules depend on the core. The only exception is the message module which is self-contained.

(The message module is the only module of CODI which is completely independent of CDI. So it's possible to use it for any Java based application.)


If you would like to test CODI or you need all modules provided by CODI, you can use an all-in-one JAR file.


The page CODI Modules provides an overview about how to the Core as well as the optional modules to your project.

There is no additional dependency (just the CDI API).


Further details related to this module are available at: