Welcome to the Apache MyFaces Extensions Scripting

Welcome and hello to MyFaces Extension-Scripting, short Ext-Scripting. Ext-Scripting is an extensions
project for MyFaces. It tries to add scripting and rapid prototyping (artifact level hot deployment)
capabilities to JSF by adding
scripting languages and JSP like recompilation mechanisms.

Following link to the a video on YouTube shows you what Ext-Scripting can do for you:

As the video shows, you can make changes to almost all JSF artifacts on the fly, and at the next
reload the changes are present.
The result is a reduction in server restarts and better turn around times. The
same rapid prototyping approach which is normally present in scripting languages and scripting language based frameworks.
Additionally to that, Ext-Scripting integrates various scripting languages to be used in conjunction
with JSF, so that a mixed language approach becomes feasible within the bounds of the framework.


Ext-Scripting provides extensive documentation. Feel free to browse our Installation Guide or Users Guide for further information.

This page is under construction!!!

Please have a look at Apache MyFaces


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