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Release VersionFeature Freeze DateVote startedVote EndedRelease available?JiraRelease DateRelease NotesList of Issues ResolvedRelease Manager
0.85th OcotberNoNoNo FALCON-1450 - Getting issue details... STATUS 15th November 20150.8 Release Notes0.8 JIRASowmya Ramesh
0.73rd AugustYesYesYes FALCON-1345 - Getting issue details... STATUS 8th September 20150.7 Release Notes0.7 JIRAAjay Yadava
0.6.1 YesYesYes FALCON-1073 - Getting issue details... STATUS 12th July 2015 

0.6.1 JIRA

Shaik Idris
0.6 YesYesYes 5th December 2014   
0.5 YesYesYes 22nd September 2014   
0.4 YesYesYes 2nd February 2014   
0.3 YesYesYes 11th September 2013   
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