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Apache Falcon Roadmap

Initial Release at Apache (June 2013 - By Summit)


  • Fix unit tests profiles
  • Checkstyle and Findbugs plugin and fix warnings
  • Falcon should work with secure Hadoop
  • Remove dependency on custom DistCp and Oozie
  • Documentation for User & Developer

Data Motion



  • Import
  • Export
  • Credential management

Filer (File movement)


  • Import using ssh+scp
  • Export using ssh+scp
  • Credential management

Data Lifecycle

Anonymization of PII Data


  • One-way hash MR job (Pluggable)



  • Archive data prior to retention or as its generated/copied into an archival end point (S3, Filer, etc.)

HCatalog Integration


  • Register/Deregister Partitions
  • Schema to be derived from HCatalog

(HCatalog is the single source of truth, tables need to be created prior to scheduling a feed)

Resource Management


  • # of connections/streams as a resource
  • Bandwidth as a resource constraint
  • Copy jobs will honor the constraints

Data Processing


  • Ability to execute Pig/HiveQL scripts directly with out requiring user to embed a oozie workflow
  • Spring Batch integration (Wish & stretch goal)

User Experience


  • UI to define Entities and flow

Data Discovery

Data classification


  • Support feed and process classification based on tags

Lineage and Audit


  • Record audit for all processing triggered
  • Record Lineage for process
  • Will need enhancements to HCatalog

Release Schedule (Tentative)

We'll strive to have quarterly releases for Falcon.


  • 0.3 - June 2013
  • 0.4 - Sep 2013
  • 0.5 - Dec 2013
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