Apache Fineract (\’fīn-,ә-,rakt\) is open source software for financial services. See our homepage

At Apache Fineract, our mission is to build, maintain and enhance a cloud-ready core banking system for robust, scalable, and secure operations of financial institutions.  

We believe in financial services for everyone, including and especially for the unbanked and underbanked. 

We primarily build the backend system, the headless application.   


Fineract 1.x is a banking platform with open APIs. It is in use in dozens of countries and hundreds of institutions globally.  A precursor project (mifos initiative) has been used in Microfinance Institutions since 2006 (generation 1).  Most users are on Fineract1.x

The Mifos initiative contributed the backend platform code to Apache Foundation in December 2015.  In April of 2017 Fineract graduated to a top-level project at Apache.  

See FINERACT Project / one git repo

( See releases of Fineract. e.g. 1.5.0 - Apache Fineract)

Fineract-CN , deprecated & ARCHIVED

Fineract CN takes a different approach.  It looked at the forks that were occuring on the active Fineract1.x project and sought to reduce that behavior by creating a composable release.  The architecture is microservices and build on cloud native technologies like cloud spring. 

The Mifos initiative contributed the fineract-CN code in October 2017.  

Because these are microservices, intending to be developed completely independently of each other, there are approximately 30 different git repositories.  

On Jira tickets, please see the label CN.  

See FINERACT CN (DEPRECATED). / multiple git repos. There are no formal releases yet of FineractCN. 


Fineract Credit Scorecard

Fineract credit scorecard is an AI powered solution that allows users to perform credit assessment of loans using various techniques such as rule based based scoring, statistical scoring and machine learning scoring.


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  1. Another fineract'er has said: 

    Fineract is the Generation 2 architecture developed by the Mifos Initiative
    and donated to Apache which provides an open-API based core banking
    platform for financial inclusion. It's mature and stable with a robust
    feature set for microfinance, SACCOs, and more. It has multi-tenancy to
    enable economies of scale through a shared application instance and
    separate tenant databases for each financial insitution. Fineract just
    contains the back-end platform and APIs. If you need a reference UI you can
    download the Mifos X distribution which contains an AngularJS web app,
    reporting through Pentaho and there also client and staff-facing mobile
    Fineract CN is the Generation 3 architecture which aims to provide a
    cloud-native microservices based architecture to help provide the community
    future-proof application framework for digital financial services. As
    partners on Fineract reached scalability bottlenecks or developed purely
    digital-first applications and services, they needed a modular and scalable
    architecture that wasn't possible through the monolithic application that
    is Fineract. 
  2. After several years of seeking contributors for Fineract-CN, the project management committee in May 2023 took the decision to deprecate fineractCN.  This is not a reflection on the design but rather that there were not a core group of contributors willing to make improvements into the project.  We do hear that some companies have based their tech stack on fineractCN and if in the future there is a new effort, that can be undertaken here.