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There are main goals of this release

  • Demonstrate ability to release consistently as TLP. 
  • Share the new feature(s) & bug fixes that have been developed so far by the core team

  • Release the new APIs that have been built by core team to enable GSOC projects. 
  • Share the pull requests and features that have been contributed by several partner organizations: BOWPI, R116, etc.
  • Share the major enhancements, integrations, and modules worked on during GSOC including: two-factor authentication, notifications, data import tool, credit bureau integration, GSIM/GLIM,  and changes made by Sanyam for Swagger APIs.
  • Share the security enhancements work done by Thisura during GSOC. 
  • Ship stable release prior to potential participation in GCI. 

Release Artifacts

TODO: Link to Target Release in JIRA.  

Release Notes (JIRA Link: Jira Link)


  • [FINERACT-489] - Self Service App registration without authorization token


  • [FINERACT-78] - Specified due date percentage charge calculation uses loan principal amount instead of installment principal amount
  • [FINERACT-149] - After enabling maker checker tasks, loan applyed for reschedule is not getting displayed under Reschedule loan in checker in box and tasks
  • [FINERACT-324] - Fd account with charge - Monthly and weekly not working as expected, not capturing provided date.
  • [FINERACT-325] - Fd account with charge - savings activations failed to excute
  • [FINERACT-347] - Not able to make deposits through Collection sheet for Recurring deposit account
  • [FINERACT-349] - Batch API with multiple actions fails if maker checker is enabled for those actions.
  • [FINERACT-351] - Issue with Individual Collection Sheet related to Waiving Interest
  • [FINERACT-360] - Individual Collection Sheet is not considering 'Installment Fee' during payment
  • [FINERACT-433] - Transactions done by cashier for one teller is replicating in other teller with same cashier but different time duration.
  • [FINERACT-437] - Fix security vulnerabilities of using generic exceptions and catching throwable and errors
  • [FINERACT-439] - 'Editing Data table' allows to delete all columns
  • [FINERACT-454] - If no clients in the group if we try for Bulk JLG Loan, It is not throwing proper validation message
  • [FINERACT-470] - Fix security vulnerabilities related to using public mutable and nonconstant fields
  • [FINERACT-473] - Modify Application is not working if you provide 'Repaid Every' (Ex: 1 month) with specific day (Ex:First Tuesday)
  • [FINERACT-475] - 2nd Tranche Disbursement Fee is getting collected even though it is waived off
  • [FINERACT-481] - Preview is not getting generated after submitting loan reschedule application
  • [FINERACT-485] - Loan account with Interest Method 'Flat' and Interest Recalculation enabled with 'Reduced EMI Amount', is not allowing making repayment before the scheduled repayment date.
  • [FINERACT-486] - Loan account schedule incorrect
  • [FINERACT-491] - Savings annual compound doesn't respect Fiscal month (in April)
  • [FINERACT-494] - Issue when selecting savings account on client creation page
  • [FINERACT-496] - Data Table for Client is showing SQL injection Error
  • [FINERACT-498] - Unable to Approve loan account submitted through Bulk JLG application
  • [FINERACT-499] - Unable to add client while creating group.
  • [FINERACT-521] - OD Limit Utilization - Insufficient funds to complete the transaction
  • [FINERACT-530] - Deactivate button against created survey (Admin>System>Manage Surveys) is actually deleting the survey
  • [FINERACT-532] - Issue in Address section of Client creation page
  • [FINERACT-548] - Mobile Money Gateway - Interacting with Multiple Mifos (Instances and Tenants)
  • [FINERACT-554] - The ledger entry for allocate cash transaction to cashier has USD as hard coded currency
  • [FINERACT-569] - Unable to prepay loan with interest recalculation enabled and has multi-tranche
  • [FINERACT-571] - Unable to transfer clients from one group to another group even though both groups are under same center and office
  • [FINERACT-572] - Unable to Modify JLG loan application
  • [FINERACT-590] - Unable to create client under any office except Head office: Throwing 500 Internal Server Error
  • [FINERACT-594] - Recent Transactions Only Displays Charges, It should show savings and loan transitions too

New Feature

  • [FINERACT-467] - Request for equal installment (with equal principal and equal interest) loan schedule
  • [FINERACT-506] - Note at the deposit side


  • [FINERACT-37] - Support rescheduling repayments on holidays
  • [FINERACT-241] - Include "Add Note" to Deposit and Withdrawal screen in savings account
  • [FINERACT-476] - New mandatory Columns should not be allowed to add to data table through 'edit' data table when there is already data for that datatable
  • [FINERACT-482] - Enhancements to Savings accounts for holding certain level of transactions
  • [FINERACT-501] - When loan is rescheduled to next repayment date (due date),in the holiday summary page the value against 'repayment schedule to' is blank
  • [FINERACT-513] - Reverse Overdue Charges Application
  • [FINERACT-527] - Enhancing Notification Framework
  • [FINERACT-528] - After taking survey for a client, Survey is displaying score of each question in stead of total score of each survey
  • [FINERACT-529] - While taking Survey for a client, trying to submit survey without answering any question should throw some validation error
  • [FINERACT-534] - Want to Group Wise and Center Wise Accounting
  • [FINERACT-536] - Report categories are inconsistent and causing reports to go missing in the drop-down
  • [FINERACT-545] - DB Schema creation Every time the Server is executed.
  • [FINERACT-581] - ADHOC Query Implementation
  • [FINERACT-582] - Need API to register with platform for SSU application notifications
  • [FINERACT-583] - Notification enhancments
  • [FINERACT-584] - As a user I should be able to configure the credit bureau properties
  • [FINERACT-585] - Allow predefined SMS messages and Emails to be sent via existing SMS/Email implementations
  • [FINERACT-586] - As a user I should be able to add family members to a client
  • [FINERACT-587] - Two factor authentication support
  • [FINERACT-588] - Bulk Import tool into fineract
  • [FINERACT-595] - Should allow user to specify an account nickname
  • [FINERACT-596] - Expose self-service share detail API
  • [FINERACT-597] - mifos -- splitting savings into member and donor(sponsor) for a single saving stream


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