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Planning PhaseDec 17 - Jan 7Dec 17 - Jan 18
Announce ReleaseJan 7Jan 18
QAJan 7 - Jan 21Jan 28 - Feb 1
Publish Release NotesJan 21Feb 1
Vote on ReleaseJan 28Feb 8
Target Release DateFeb 5Feb 15


There are main goals of this release

  • Share the pull requests and features that have been contributed by several partner organizations
  • Share the APIs built for external contributors that haven't been shipped yet
  • Share the features from 1.3 that didn't ship in 1.3
  • Share any critical bug fixes and minor enhancements. 


Possible Features/Tasks to Ship

  • Changes contributed by Partners including:
    • BOWPI Enhancements 
    • Wenance Enhancements


Release Artifacts

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Release Notes (JIRA Link: )


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