To access Accounting menu and other options within, Click on the Accounting on the quick access menu. This will launch the General Ledger screen.

Chart Of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts displays the different accounts within the system. The type of accounts shown on the chart will depend on the Accounting system used by your organization. Accounts are organised into respective account types: Revenue, Expense, Asset, Liability and Equity.

Select Chart of accounts on the General Ledger Screen to view Chart of Accounts.

Journal Entries

Journal Entries are the logs of all transactions in your organization that have accounting implications. Transactions are entered manually. Click on Journal Entries on the General ledger page to view journal entries.

Add Journal Entries

To Add a credit or debit journal entry , do the following:

On the Journal Entries page, click the Blue "+" Add Journal Entry icon at the right bottom of the page. Complete the following fields:

  • Select Transaction Type

  • Enter Note (optional)

  • Enter Message (optional)

  • Click CONTINUE

Under Debit side:

  • Select Account to be Debited

  • Enter Amount

Under Credit side:

  • Select Account

  • Enter Amount


Note: To add another Debit or Credit transaction, Click on ADD DEBIT or ADD CREDIT. Click on Red REMOVE Button to remove Entry.

Transaction Types

Click on Transaction types to view all transaction types in the system. This will launch the Manage transactions type page.

Create New Transaction Type

Click on Blue "+" create new transaction type icon at the right-bottom of the page.

Complete the following fields:

  • In Code field, enter code that will be used to identify the transaction in the system.

  • In Name field, enter the name of the transaction.

  • In Description field, enter brief description of the transaction (optional)


A list of all transaction types created will appear on the manage transaction types page.

Click on Edit to edit the transaction. This will launch the Edit transaction type page. Edit the respective informations and click on UPDATE TRANSACTION TYPE.

Cheque Clearing

On the General ledger page, click on cheque clearing to view and clear Cheques. This will launch the Cheque clearing page.  The Cheque clearing page displays a list of all cheques that have been issued in the system. The following are displayed:

  • Identifier

  • Drawee

  • Drawer

  • Payee

  • Amount

  • Date Issued

  • State

  • Approve

  • Cancel

Click on Green APPROVE Button to approve the cheque

Click on Red CANCEL Button to cancel the cheque.

Trial Balance

Trial balance refers to the statement of debit and credit totals taken from the various accounts in the ledger. It summarises all the accounts used by the enterprise for a given period. the trial balance reveals that all aspects of each transaction have been recorded and are accurate. If trial balance does not balance it shows that there is some errors which must be found and corrected.

On the General ledger page click on Trial balance to view the trial balance

  • Select include empty entries if you want to include empty entries on the trial balance

Income Statement

An income Statement is the summary of the financial performance  of your organization over a specific accounting period.

Click on Income statement on the General ledger screen to view income statement.

Financial Condition

Click Financial Condition on the General Ledger screen.


On the General Ledger Screen click on Payrolls to launch the Manage Payrolls page.

Click on the blue "+" create new payroll icon at the right-bottom of the page.

  • In From Account field Select Valid account

  • In Member field, Select Member Id

  • In Employer field, enter employer

  • In Salary Field, enter Members Salary

  • Click Create Payments

A list of all payrolls created will be displayed on the manage payrolls screen.

Click on blue SHOW button to view payments.

Create Ledger

Click the "+"

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