Committers are voted on after demonstrating their contribution to the community.  See Becoming a Committer

To support the committer's process, Fineract is adopting a lazy consensus for changes. We trust Committers will use their powers for good and not break the code. 

Here is an outline for the high level process:

  1. A committer should be working on a Pull Request basis, which is outlined in the guide below.  
  2. Once completed, the Committer - Developer A - should try to ask a specific person(s) to review if they can, as in Developer B, and to anyway give the list some time to review the PR.  
  3. Then 72 hrs later or so, they're able to commit their own PR under our principle of lazy consensus. 
    NOTE: This also assumes that people are fully discussing their ideas for a PR in advance and there is a jira issue where the requirements are documented.  
  4. The Committer may decide that the proposed PR is significant enough that they really want someone to review and they can flag that too.
  5. Members of the community who are NOT yet committers (i.e. contributors of different stripes) would be welcome to pitch in on the review, thus earning karma. 
    NOTE:  This creates a dynamic where devs can give feedback and quality review without taking on a task of dev themselves. +1 for the reviewer.  

Overall, the intention of this Committer's Zone is to provide guides that help keep the code quality high, and ease the daily life of a committer.  

TOOLS at Apache 

Useful Guides

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