Self-setup as new committer

Once you have been invited to become a committer, you have accepted it, signed CLA and announced as committer you need to make following steps :

  1. Verify you have enabled Github account login with 2FA
    You cannot link your Github account with Apache if you haven't enabled 2FA login with Github.
  2. Enter your Github ID into your Apache ID profile
  3. Merge your Apache and GitHub accounts using GitBox (Apache Account Linking utility): You should see 3 green checks in GitBox
    Wait at least 30  minutes for an email inviting you to Apache GitHub Organization and accept invitation
  4. Make sure you've accepted the invitation to join the Apache organization:

Merging personal JIRA account and ASF LDAP account

Some of us are managing multiple ASF JIRA accounts. For example, one can have an early contributor JIRA account (that you created before becoming a committer). When you become a committer then ASF LDAP committer account will be created for you so you end up with two accounts.

Normally it is useful to merge these different accounts of yours under the one-single ASF LDAP account.

Unfortunately there’s no self-service way to merge accounts at this moment. If you wish to merge your personal JIRA account with your newly created ASF LDAP account, you need to file an INFRA JIRA ticket (similar to this one) to have your accounts merged. Ideally, you should be able to login with your Apache id to Jira and Confluence Wiki.

Creating a Fineract CN repository

This needs to be done rarely.

  1. Create the new repo via Apache
    1. Choose project name that begins with "cn".  "fineract" will be automatically prepended.
    2. Set all notifications to be sent to
  2. In the repository that you wish to upload call: git remote add apache<project-name>.git
  3. Call: git push -u apache develop

Committing to a Fineract CN repository

Work with it like a normal GitHub repository.

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