Wiki page to identify and track the next steps that must be taken to introduce the Generation 3 Mifos Architecture (Apache Fineract 2.0) located at into the Apache Fineract project.  Read the white paper on Generation 3 architecture to learn more about the changes in this next major version. 

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Phase 0 - Move Fineract CN (Fineract 2.0) aka Mifos Gen 3 into Apache Fineract

TaskOwnerEffort LevelDue DateStatus
  • Insert task here
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  • Provide access to the mifosio repo on GitHub so Ed and others can help maintain.
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  • Demonstrate interest from individual partners and volunteers in Generation 3 on the public mailing lists
Ed Cable   
  • Begin scoping out tasks on current GitHub project infrastructure that can be migrated over to JIRA when ready
  • Begin technical documentation to provide community a smooth experience in setting up their Generation 3 environment
  • Begin user documentation to document current functionality available.
  • Assess compliance of the new architecture with Apache licensing policy. (notes from Myrle's email - adjustments to the project to remove non-Apache licensed code (potentially),

  • Identify procedure with Apache Infrastructure team on how to host two major versions. (see below from Myrle for more granular detail)
  • Discuss and establish how we can point to and reference multiple version of Apache Fineract from the website
  • Discuss and establish a process for guiding and assessing requirements (informal roadmap)
  • Addition of RAT to the build process,
  • Communications between Mifos and Apache to donate a tranche of code to a TLP,
  • Communication with the Apache INFRA team to set up source repositories, and artifact repositories,
  • Adjustments to JIRA to make it possible to mark tickets for which Gen, and which component,
  • Release management for a new kind of release structure,
  • Collective decision-making about the future project direction. (similar to roadmap point above)

Phase 1 - Minimal Engagement of Contributors

Based on Myrle's email, some minimal processes/documentation we need for new contributor that we should have in place before we ask for help or invite others to contribute. 

TaskOwnerEffort LevelDue DateStatus
  • Getting the new project building
@ // 
  • Understanding the project structure
@ // 
  • Finding appropriate tickets

Ed Cable   
  • Getting their pull request merged

Phase 2 - Enabling Environment for Contribution/Adoption

In order to truly engage contributors/innovators to build or extend the project or for partners/users to adopt, we should have following:

TaskOwnerEffort LevelDue DateStatus
  • Changes in features and additional features to support the community,
@ // 
  • Help in deploying microservices in a cloud architecture,
@ // 
  • Documentation assuring MFIs, and end users about our security
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