Deposit products define the Rules, Default Settings and constraints for financial institutions deposit offerings. A Deposit product provided templates for multiple deposit accounts for the financial institutions clients.

Select Deposit from the quick access menu. This will launch the Manage Deposit Products Page.

Create Deposit Product

Click Blue "+" Create New Product icon at the right-bottom of the manage Deposit product screen.

  • Select either Checking, Saving or Shares

  • Provide Short Name

  • Provide Product Name

  • Provide product Description

  • Select Currency from Drop down menu

  • Set Minimum balance of the product

  • Set Interest payable. Select either Maturity, Annually, Quarterly  or Monthly.

  • Check the box against Flexible interest during the Term if you want to apply it to the product.

  • Provide Interest

  • Selecting Fixed Term will enable you to set the Term Period either in Months or Years.

  • Provide Cash Account (Asset accounts only)

  • Provide Expense Account (Expense account only)

  • Provide Accrue account (Liability accounts only)

  • Provide Equity Ledger (Equity ledger only)

  • Click CONTINUE

  • Enter Fee Name

  • Enter Description

  • Enter Amount

  • Select Applied On From Drop down menu

  • Check Proportional if fee will be proportional

  • Enter Income Account

  • Click on REMOVE FEE to delete, click on ADD FEE to add another fee


View Deposit Products

A Chart of all deposit products created will be displayed on the Manage Deposit products page.

  • Click on Blue Show button against a product to launch product details page.

  • Click on Disable product to change product status

  • Click on Black Delete icon at the right-top of the page to delete the product.

  • Click on blue Edit Product icon at the bottom of the page.

  • On the Edit Deposit product page Edit all required fields and click UPDATE PRODUCT

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