Event Listeners

This tentative document identifies and shortlists events which will be considered for the notification service. Under each microservice, is a list of events and each event will have a corresponding email and SMS message. Likewise, each event will have a default message and recipient associated with it.

Default Message: This is the default message which will be sent when that event occurs if no customized template has defined.

Default Recipient(s): This is the default recipient(s) who will receive the notification when the event occurs.

PS: The message samples listed are for demo purposes.

Customer Service: CustomerEventListener.java

Event: customerCreatedEvent()

Default Message: 

Dear {{Customer Name}},

Your account with {{MFI}}  has been successfully created at {{Office}}.


Default Recipient(s): Customer

Event: customerUpdatedEvents

Event: customerActivatedEvent

Event: customerLockedEvent()

Event: customerUnlockedEvent()

Event: customerClosedEvent()

Event: customerReopenedEvent()

Event: addressChangedEvent()

Event: contactDetailsChangedEvent

Portfolio Service: PortfolioEventListener.java

Event: onDeny

Event: onApprove

Event: onDisburse

Event: onAcceptPayment

Event: onCheckLate

Event: onMarkLate

Event: onMarkInArrears

Event: onWriteOff

Event: onClose

Event: onRecover

Event: onCreateProduct

Event: onChangeProduct

Event: onDeleteProduct

Event: onEnableProduct

Event: onGroupCreated

Event: onGroupActivated

Event: onGroupUpdated

Identity Service: IdentityEventListener.java

Event: onCreateUser

Default Message: 

Dear {{Name}},

This is to notify you that your account has been created.

Below are your MFI account  details.

{{login address}}


Yours Sincerely

{{MFI}} team.

Default Recipient(s): Customer

Event: onChangeUserRole

Event: onChangeUserPassword

Event:  onAuthentication

Office Service: OfficeEventListener.java

Event: onCreateEmployee

Default Message: 

Dear {{Name}},

This is to notify you that you account has been created.

Below are your MFI account details.

{{login address}}


Use this link to login to your account.


Yours Sincerely

{{MFI}} team.

Default Recipient(s): Staff member

Event: onUpdateEmployee

Event: onDeleteEmployee

Event: onSetContactDetail

Event: onDeleteContactDetail

Event: onCreateOffice

Event: onDeleteOffice

Event: onUpdateOffice

Accounting Service: AccountingEventListener.java

Event: onCreateAccount

Event: onChangeAccount

Event: onCloseAccount

Event: onLockAccount

Event: onUnlockAccount

Event: onReopenAccount

Event: onDeleteAccount

Deposit Service: DepositEventListener.java



Cheque Service: ChequeEventListener.java

Event: onIssueCheques

Event: onChequeTransaction

Event: onChequeApproved

Event: onChequeCanceled

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