Apache Fineract, Fineract, the Fineract word design, the Apache Fineract word design, the fineract logo, either separately or in combination are hereinafter referred to as "Fineract Trademarks" and are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.

You may not use the Fineract trademarks or any confusingly similar mark as a trademark for your product, to imply endorsement by the project, or use the Fineract trademarks in any other manner that might cause confusion in the marketplace.

Trademark law dictates that owners must police their marks or risk the loss of the marks. 

The Apache Software Foundation has an established trademark policy (http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks) that when in conflict should be considered the canonical standard (with one exception noted below).

However, the Apache Software Foundation has given the responsibility for brand management to the project's Project Management Committee. Thus this document should be taken as additive to the Apache Software Foundation's trademark guideline. Nothing contained herein provides an exception to those guidelines. 

The Apache Fineract project does protect its Trademark and unauthorized usages should be brought to the attention of the project.  

Aside for clarification:  It is normal to speak about how you, as an individual, are working on Fineract.  
It is highly encouraged.  Please use your name or apache handle rather than company.

The policy says, in part:
"Apache Software Foundation trademarks must not be used to disparage the ASF, our projects, members, sponsors, or communities, nor be used in any way to imply ownership, endorsement, or sponsorship of any ASF-related project or initiative of any kind. We are a vendor-neutral organization, and an important part of our brand is that ASF projects are governed independently."

Vendors who have a question about this policy are encouraged to reach out.  

  • In general you may not use ASF trademarks in any software product branding... 
  • You may not use ASF trademarks such as "Apache" or "Apache Fineract" or "Fineract" in your own domain names if that use would be likely to confuse a relevant consumer... 

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