Some of the proposals to be considered by new project participants.  

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  1. Design proposals here seem to be a way to capture a macro level concept as part of a process of: 

    Discussion → Design → Implement (code) → Test & Include 

    IF that's the case, then we should formalize this process. If not, then I think this is confusing as these are the only two design proposals out a number of things that are going on.  ??? 

  2. I believe Mylre created this page for the GSoC participants to flesh out their ideas. As for as I know, that is the sole purpose of this page.  However, I think we can extend its purpose to include your assumption.

    That way, ideas from the mailing list can be designed here and moved up the pipeline.

    Secondly, the projects here are in the "Test & Include " phase so I believe we can work on completing it.