The notification service allows you to to send SMS and Emails to your customers.

To get started, configure the service through the fims-web-app (source code here). Go to Manage notification to configure the gateways.

Manage Notifications:

Configuring SMS notification:

Typically you would need to register with a communications service provider such as Twilio

You will get an account SID and authentication token. Click on add sms gateway and then input the details.

Configuring your email gateway.

                 To use the email services create a email account. Click on add email gateways to add the details

                  You will need the server address of your email service provider and the port number and then your mail address and app password for your email

                 NB: you will need to use an app password not your regular password.

                 Follow these steps to get an app password for your gmail account


Enable Notification

After configuring the gateways enable the notifications your want to send messages to.

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