After a contribution passed code review, it is time to pull the changes into the Apache Fineract repository, and merge it with the ongoing development effort.

Note: Once the PR has been merged, please make sure to mark the issue as 'Resolved' in Jira so that QA can validate the fix.

Initial Setup

Once you have cloned the Apache Git repository, add the GitHub mirror as a new remote reference:

# for web site changes, replace fineract.git with fineract-site.git
git remote add github

# if you see a reference to incubator-fineract in documentation, that is a deprecated repo. Do not use. 

You can use git remote -v to list all available remote repositories. 

git branch -l # lists local repos with active one highlighted 
git branch -r # lists the repos on remote (for most that will be origin) 

Fetching a pull request

# Fetch a pull request
git fetch github pull/[number]/head:[localbranchname]
# Switch to develop branch
git checkout develop
# Merge the pulled feature branch
git merge [localbranchname]
# Run a build
gradlew clean build

# Run integration tests
gradlew clean integrationTest
# Push the changes
git push origin
# delete the feature branch
git branch -d [localbranchname]
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