Steps to sign a release:

# cd /home/user1
# git clone -b 0.6.0 --single-branch apache-fineract-0.6.0-src
  • Make sure build is happening and all integration tests are passed by following steps defined in
  • Create the source and binary tars with the following command
# cd /home/user1/apache-fineract-0.6.0-src
# ./gradlew clean build -x test -PdistVersion=0.6.0 distTar
  • Next step is to create detached signature, checksum with MD5 and SHA with the following commands
# cd fineract-provider/build/distributions
# gpg --armor --output apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz 
# gpg --print-md MD5 apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz > apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz.md5 
# gpg --print-md SHA512 apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz > apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz.sha512 
# gpg --armor --output apache-fineract-0.6.0--binary.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz 
# gpg --print-md MD5 apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz > apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz.md5 
# gpg --print-md SHA512 apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz > apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz.sha512
  • Finally create a directory with release name (0.6.0 in this example) in and add the following files in this new directory.
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz.sha
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz.asc
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-binary.tar.gz.md5
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz.sha
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz.asc
    • apache-fineract-0.6.0-src.tar.gz.md5
  • Next step is to drop mail to about release approval.
  • Once release is approved then announce the release to the community.
  • Update the website to point to the latest release.

Points to remember:

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