Roles and Permissions allow the administrator to control access to the platform based on what roles are assigned to employees and what Permissions are assigned to roles. The roles and permissions screen is a place to customize roles and select their appropriate permissions.

Select Roles/Permissions from the Quick Access drop down menu

What Are Roles and Permissions?

Roles: Roles are assigned to users. A user’s role will determine what functions a user is allowed to perform within the platform.

Permissions: Permissions are assigned to roles. These determines what tasks a user is able to complete within the platform.

View Roles

Once you have navigated the manage roles and permissions, the first page you encounter is list of all current roles within your organization. Click on the blue show button against a role to open its detail page and view the permissions currently associated to that role.

View Permissions

After selecting the appropriate role and clicking on it you are taken to its detail page. On this page there is the name of each role. Additionally all current permissions associated with this role can be seen - They are marked with a check mark to the right of each permission; Read which means the user can only view transactions, Change which means the user can view and make changes to transactions and Delete which means the user can view, change and delete a transaction with respect to that role.

Create A New Role

From the manage roles page you may also add a new role for your organization. First, click the blue +create new role icon at the bottom right side of the screen.

This will launch a new window to create new role:

  1. In identifier field, enter name to identify the new role on the system.

  2. Set up permissions for the role by clicking to in the check boxes to check mark.

  3. Marking the First boxes next to the Identifier field will automatically check the boxes in all permissions in the system. checking the read box will automatically check all read boxes, checking the change bos will automatically check all read and change boxes and checking the Delete box will automatically check all read, change and delete boxes in the system.

  1. In the case where you want to set up particular permissions for a role, scroll down and select the permissions and  check the boxes next to the respective permissions.

  2. Click on SAVE ROLE.

Add Or Remove Permissions To A Role

If permissions for an existing role require changes you may edit a Role’s permissions. Navigate to the manage roles screen and select the role you would like to edit by clicking on SHOW. You will be taken to the details screen of that role. Click on blue edit icon at the right bottom to edit role.

Permissions are indicated by a check mark in the boxes to the right of them. To add a permission, click the empty box.To remove permission click the checkbox to remove the check in it.

Once Everything is correct, Click SAVE ROLE.

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