All the Apache Flex repositories are mirrored on Github, and standard Github workflows are supported. If you are a Github user, you can use Github for reporting issues and contributing code. It's actually probably easier than the process listed above by creating patch files.

Github guide

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a Github account here.
  2. Fork the repository you want to work on and check it out locally.
  3. If you want to work on some or all of them, they should all be checked out into the same folder.
  4. Make your changes to the code, commit and push your changes to your fork.
  5. In the Github interface create the pull request.

Someone on the Flex team should then review your request and apply it if appropriate.

 It is worthwhile pointing out that Git supports changing the origin of your repository. If you initially check out a repository from Apache and you want to switch to Github, or you want to switch to your fork (or vise versa), you do not need to check out the repository again. You only need to change the "origin" remote in your Git settings as explained here.


 Github Issues are supported as well. While Flex primarily uses JIRA for logging tickets (and we recommend using JIRA if possible), Github Issues can be used as well.