Welcome to the Apache Flex community.

It is very easy to get started within the community but you need to choose how:

About the mailing-lists

There are two public mailing lists for Flex. The "flex-dev" mailing list is for topics related to development of the source code in Apache Flex SVN. To register: write a empty mail to: dev-subscribe@flex.apache.org. The "flex-user" mailing list is for questions about how to use any of the Apache Flex releases. To register: write a empty mail to: users-subscribe@flex.apache.org.

Don't feel intimidated by the many topics that are on the mailing-list. Everybody is giving his best to answer proposals and questions.
Please take your time and search the wiki for the things you want to ask about.

There are some tags that we often use to identify our mailing-list threads:


Random Thought - can be anything flex related


Mentoring Request, will be monitored by the project mentors


Discussion about a new proposal for the project


A discussion that's meant to lead to a [VOTE]


A (P)PMC vote according to http://www.apache.org/foundation/voting.html


Is used for none (P)PMC votes, see [VOTE] tag


A Lazy Consensus used to measure the acceptability of something as an alternative to voting http://www.apache.org/foundation/voting.html#LazyConsensus


Discussion related to the Wiki


Discussion about a Jira entry


Off-topic for things that might be interesting to the Flex developers


Infrastructure question (i.e. If you need a wiki account)


Discussion related to code in the SVN whiteboard


Discussion related to code that illustrate how to build a real world Flex application

Work with the source-code

The Adobe team has handed over the source code to Apache Flex (see Jira 4397 and Jira 4629). You can browse the imported source code with Apache FishEye, or checkout the projects by reading the instructions here.

In the apache model only committers can modify the source code directly. But that doesn't mean you can't contribute. Once you create some awesome additions to the Flex Framework you can create a patch, which you attach to a Jira request. We will review it and, if we think it's useful and correct, it will be added to the trunk.


Help with the documentation (Wiki)

It is a lot of work to document all these things on the wiki. The wiki is unfortunately not free to edit like that.

You can get permission by creating an account and write a request for permission to the mailing-list that contains your username.

The section "Random Thoughts" is a place to sum-up big discussions in the mailing list or future proposals and can be filled freely. Please treat the other sections with more care.

Share your problems

Note: Right now the old Bug entries from Adobe are being imported from the Adobe Bugbase - please check if your bug report has been posted there before. Jira 4380

We have a own bug tracking system that allows us and you to stay up-to-date with the current problems with flex. Apache Flex Jira. If you have any problem:

1. Check if someone else had that problem
2. Try to express your problem clearly
3. Try to provide example code

If your problem is more of a conceptual/theoretical nature feel free to contact the mailinglist.

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  1. Since I don't have edit access to this page, I need to point out the the link to the Flex User's Mailing List is incorrect:



    Please fix this, as I've been trying to join the list for a month without success.


  2. Anonymous

    The email flex-user-subscribe@incubator.apache.org for the USER mail list subscription is a bad email. The Dev worked ok. Getting bounce back for USER.