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2002|Macromedia coins the term Rich Internet Application (RIA) and after a few precursors begins development on a project codenamed "Royale".
2003|Royale demoed at Macromedia MAX.
2004|Flex 1.0 released in March.

Flex 1.5 released in November.
2005|Flash Player introduces new virtual machine that improves performance by an order of magnitude.

Development begins on Flex 2, a rewrite intended to leverage new Flash Player capabilities.

Flex 2 Alpha released at MAX in October.

Macromedia Labs introduced.

Adobe acquires Macromedia in December.
2006|Flex 2 released in June.
2007|Flex 2.0.1 released in January.

Adobe announces Flex moving to open source in April.

Flex 3 Beta released in June.

Public bug system goes live.
2008|Flex 3 released in February and open source site goes live.
2010|Flex 4 released in March.
2011|Flex 4.6 released in December
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2012 July 25

Apache Flex 4.8 (parity release of Flex 4.6) released

2013 January 11

Apache Flex 4.9.0 released

2013 February 28

Apache Flex 4.9.1 released

2013 April 11

Apache Flex SDK Installer 2.5 released

2013 August 6

Apache Flex 4.10 released

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