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Welcome to Apache Flink (

To get edit permission to edit this Wiki, please send a mail to (make sure you are subscribed), or to one of the committers.


General information for and about Apache Flink users

Powered By Flink  - A (non-complete) list of Apache Flink users




Flink Bylaws defines the bylaws under which Apache Flink operates. If you have any suggestions to the bylaws, please add them to the Ideas for Bylaw changes.

Roadmaps and Feature Designs

FLIP - Flink Improvement Proposals are both proposals and design docs for all bigger changes in Flink. The community asks for a FLIP whenever public APIs or behavior are changed, or a new feature is adopted that is more than a trivial extension of an existing feature.

The Apache Flink Roadmap is on the main website and periodically updated with the active FLIPs and JIRA issues.

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