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In production environments, users typically develop and operate their Flink jobs through a managed platform. Platform administrators will set a series of default options, and users can override them using dynamic properties specified via platform UI (e.g. using Apache StreamPark) or config files (e.g. using Flink Kubernetes Operator).

Users may need to add JVM options to their Flink applications (e.g. to tune GC options). They typically use the series of options to do so. Platform administrators also have a set of JVM options to apply by default, e.g. to use JVM 17, enable GC logging, or apply pretuned GC options, etc. Both use cases will need to set the same series of options and will clobber one another. Similar issues have been described in SPARK-23472.

In the past, we managed to overcome it by prepending the administrator JVM options to user-specified JVM options using Java code when generating the starting command for JM/TM. However, this has been proven to be difficult to maintain. Therefore, I propose adding a set of default JVM options for administrator use that prepends the user-set extra JVM options. We can mark the existing series as user-set extra JVM options and add a set of new options for administrator use.

Public Interfaces

Add the administrator JVM options for each of the existing JVM options, except for client and SQL gateway. Values of the administrator JVM options listed above will be prepended to the user-set option values.

Existing JVM Options

Administrator JVM Option (newly added)

N/A (Since the only way to specify Flink Client / SQL Gateway JVM options is by setting the corresponding options in the flink-conf.yaml file so far, it is meaningless to support an administrator version at this point)

Proposed Changes

Already covered above.

Dealing with JVM option conflicts

When the user-set JVM options has conflicts with the administrator-set options, the following resolution will be applied:

  • Duplicate options: the user-set options will win as the administrator-set options are prepended and have lower precedence.

  • Uncompatible JVM options: this may take place, for example, when administrators set options supported only in lower version of JVM, while the user wants to use a higher version of JVM, and they have no choice but to overwrite administrator JVM options as well.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan


Test Plan

Simple manual tests will do.

Rejected Alternatives

Prepend Administrator JVM Options to User JVM Options by Platform

An alternative is to maintain administrator JVM options in the platform's own config store and prepend them to the Flink JVM options when submitting the job. However, this approach is unfavored for two reasons:

  1. More difficult for users to resolve uncompatible JVM options as the administrator JVM options cannot be overriden by users directly as a normal Flink option now.
  2. More difficult for platform administrators to maintain administrator JVM options, as extra config assembly and management mechanism is needed.