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Flink Forward Conferences

The Flink Forward conference series gives a good overview of the use cases that various companies realize with Apache Flink.


  • Aeris is using Flink to build internet-of-things enabled real-time monitoring and analytics
  • AlephD is using Flink combined with Kafka to create realtime analytics to monitor ad monetization for publishers
  • Alibaba - Realtime Compute for Apache Flink, a cloud service of fully managed Apache Flink, powers thousands of businesses in the company and its public cloud customers.
  • Altice Labs is experimenting the use Apache Flink for IPTV real-time recommendation in very high demanding scenarios through the EU H2020 project STREAMLINE.
  • Amadeus
  • Amazon – Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, a fully managed cloud service for stream processing, uses Apache Flink in part to power its Java application capability.
  • ATOS
  • BetterCloud uses Flink to surface near real-time intelligence from SaaS application activity.
  • (Online Retailer) uses Flink for real time monitoring/measuring in the customer personalization pipeline
  • Bouygues Telecom uses Flink for real-time event processing and analytics over billions of Kafka messages per day.
  • Capital One uses Flink for real-time customer activity monitoring
  • Comcast uses Flink for operationalizing machine learning models and near-real-time event stream processing.
  • data Artisans was created by the original developers of Flink
  • Dream11 uses Flink to power the next generation of Dream11’s self-serve real-time data platform.
  • Drivetribe (social network) implemented its CQRS Architecture using Apache Flink as described in this blog post
  • Ebay's monitoring platform is powered by Flink and evaluates thousands of customizable alert rules on metrics and log streams.

  • Eura Nova
  • Ericsson used Flink to build a real-time anomaly detector over large infrastructures using machine learning
  • Firelayers
  • Huawei Cloud offers a product called "CloudStream", based on Apache Flink
  • IMR Internet Memory Research is using Apache Flink in the EU H2020 project STREAMLINE
  • ING talks about their fraud detection pipeline with Apache Flink in this video
  • InnoGames is using Apache Flink as part of their data infrastructure as discussed in this talk.
  • ivi uses Flink for real-time processing, aggregation and ClickHouse DBMS ingestion. They also developed a Flink to ClickHouse sink
  • KEEDIO uses Apache Flink's CEP library in a log aggregation solution for Red Hat OpenStack to discover operational anomalies that otherwise would be very hard to spot.
  • (Mobile Gaming like CandyCrush Saga) uses Apache Flink for real time data science dashboards
  • Klaviyo uses Flink-based systems for real-time analytics as well as big data analytics, as described in these blog posts.
  • Limeroad uses Flink for multiple use-cases ranging from ETL jobs, ClickStream data processing, real-time dashboard to CEP.
  • LINE uses Apache Flink for real-time log aggregation and system monitoring.
  • Logpoint UEBA uses Apache Flink for preprocessing of data and entity scoring.
  • Lyft uses Flink as processing engine for its streaming platform, for example to consistently generate features for machine learning.
  • mbr targeting (realtime advertising) is using Flink for real-time processing and streaming ingestion to Druid
  • MediaMath explains how they rescale stateful Flink applications in this blog post
  • Mux explains their use of Flink for real-time anomaly detection
  • Netflix uses Flink as presented in this talk
  • NMusic is using Apache Flink to supply real time music recommendations to its users
  • Okkam SRL uses Flink for semantic big data analysis and inference for tax assessment and more.
  • Otto Group (Online Retailer)
  • Pragsis Bidoop is using Apache Flink in his cybersecurity and big data product called AnalyticMate.
  • Radicalbit is an OSS distribution that uses Flink for Fast Data processing
  • ResearchGate (Social Network for Scientists) is using Flink in the areas of network analysis and near duplicate detection.

  • Rovio uses Flink streaming for processing events from mobile games through the EU H2020 project STREAMLINE.

  • Styx is a streaming Analytics platform, built with Apache Flink and Kafka.

  • Telefónica NEXT's TÜV-certified Data Anonymization Platform is powered by Flink. 
  • Tencent
  • Thirdwatch is using Apache Flink for real-time financial fraud detection.
  • Treelogic is using Apache Flink in the EU research project Proteus
  • TouK uses Flink and TouK Nussknacker to build real-time marketing, fraud detection and recommendation systems for its customers
  • Uber as seen in this presentation
  • Yelp utilizes Flink to power its data connectors ecosystem and stream processing infrastructure.
  • Zalando (Online Fashion Retailer) uses Flink for real-time business process monitoring and continuous ETL

Software projects

The projects below integrate with Flink by using Flink as a frontend or backend.

As a Service Provider

Universities / Research Institutes


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