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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
Improvement FLUME-3109 Make HDFS Sink's idleTimeout more robust Denes Arvay Open
Bug FLUME-3108 Can not roll logs for hdfs sink based on timestamp of log content. qihuagao Open
Bug FLUME-3107 When batchSize of sink greater than transactionCapacity of File Channel, Flume can produce endless data Yongxi Zhang Open
Bug FLUME-3106 When batchSize of sink greater than transactionCapacity of Memory Channel, Flume can produce endless data Yongxi Zhang Open
Bug FLUME-3105 tmp file left on Amazon S3 while using hadoop sinker to save log files to Amazon S3 directly shibin Open
Improvement FLUME-3104 Add PutRollbackTimes and TakeRollbackTimes in Kafka Channel metrics hunshenshi Open
Bug FLUME-3103 flume-ng-elasticsearch-sink / 1.7.0 Santhosh Chandrasekaran Open
Bug FLUME-3102 Outdated ElasticSearch version Benoît Berthonneau Open
Bug FLUME-3101 taildir source may endless loop when tail a file hunshenshi Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3099 TestSpoolingFileLineReader failing salamani Open
New Feature FLUME-3098 Amazon Kinesis Stream Sink Takafumi Saito Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3097 CLONE - WAL data grows forever even though data is delivered in E2E jason.lee Open
New Feature FLUME-3096 Google Cloud Pub/Sub Source Takafumi Saito Patch Available
New Feature FLUME-3095 Add units for time and capacity-related configurations Lisheng Xia Open
Bug FLUME-3094 when some of file was rolling by log4j, I fond a bug of this tailsource roger Open
Task FLUME-3093 Groundwork for version changes in root pom Miklos Csanady In Progress
Bug FLUME-3091 Swift Source Ping Wang Open
New Feature FLUME-3090 cassandra sink Kangping Lu Open
Bug FLUME-3089 flume hive sink mengge zhang Open
Bug FLUME-3088 Flume channel failed to initialize log replay sri kalyan kasyap vundrakonda Open
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