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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
New Feature FLUME-3096 Google Cloud Pub/Sub Source Takafumi Saito Patch Available
New Feature FLUME-3095 Add units for time and capacity-related configurations Lisheng Xia Open
Bug FLUME-3094 when some of file was rolling by log4j, I fond a bug of this tailsource roger Open
Task FLUME-3093 Groundwork for version changes in root pom Miklos Csanady In Progress
Bug FLUME-3091 Swift Source Ping Wang Open
New Feature FLUME-3090 cassandra sink Kangping Lu Open
Bug FLUME-3089 flume hive sink mengge zhang Open
Bug FLUME-3088 Flume channel failed to initialize log replay sri kalyan kasyap vundrakonda Open
Wish FLUME-3087 Change log level from WARN to INFO when using default "maxIOWorkers" value. Takafumi Saito Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3086 KafkaChannel commits consume offset to Zookeeper every time causing performance problem JiYeon OH Open
Bug FLUME-3084 HDFS Sink - Provide ability to roll the file beyond interval, size and count. Kallam Reddy Open
Question FLUME-3082 JVM hang?I extended the functionality of tailDIrSource,but sometimes flume process hang,i do not down know why lancerlin Open
Improvement FLUME-3081 KafkaSource outputs offset in header Viktor Gerdin Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3079 HDFS sink using snappy compression cannot process .tmp file correctly when data is writing in Chang Zong Open
Bug FLUME-3078 Expose Monitoring Metrics For Netcat Source Gangaraju Open
Question FLUME-3077 Unexpected exception from downstream with Avro sink+source compression (deflate) DuLe Open
Documentation FLUME-3076 property flumeBatchSize in kafka sink confused Kamil June Open
Bug FLUME-3075 TestKafkaSink.testStaticTopic UT fails with NPE Yesha Vora Open
Bug FLUME-3073 KafkaSource EXCEPTION java.lang.IllegalStateException: Correlation id for response (1077833) does not match request (1077776) xuwei Open
Improvement FLUME-3072 Add IP address to headers in flume log4j appender Andras Beni In Progress
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