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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

Type Key Summary Reporter Status
New Feature FLUME-2706 Camel source David Greco Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2705 changes to isEndOfInput calculation in ResettableFileInputStream Johny Rufus Open
Improvement FLUME-2704 Configurable poll delay for spooling directory source Somin Mithraa Patch Available
Improvement FLUME-2703 HDFS sink: Ability to exclude time counter in fileName via sink configuration Hari Open
Sub-task FLUME-2702 Update the website for 1.6.0 release Johny Rufus Patch Available
New Feature FLUME-2701 Adding WebHDFS support Mark Sun Open
Improvement FLUME-2700 Support Elasticsearch 1.3.x~1.5.x in Flume-Elasticsearch-Sink Weichen Ye Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2699 Fix test resource with CRLF endings Weichen Ye Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2698 Upgrade Jetty Version Joakim Erdfelt Open
Bug FLUME-2697 org.apache.flume.clients.log4jappender.Log4jAppender reconnect logic Alexander Bootman Open
Bug FLUME-2696 AbstractRpcSink.destroyConnection can not close the connection between server(avro source) simonchi Open
Bug FLUME-2695 error while starting flume Pranil Chandarkar Open
Bug FLUME-2694 when decodeErrorPolicy=IGNORE or REPLACE, malformedInput occur,ResettableFileInputStream readChar also throw exception Gu Zhou Open
Bug FLUME-2693 flume-hive-sink needs to cleanup after running tests Johny Rufus Open
Improvement FLUME-2692 Make the number of threads in AsyncHbaseSink configurable Johny Rufus Open
Wish FLUME-2691 SinkRunner keeps on resending failed messages again and again after events sending failed Yohn Wei Open
Bug FLUME-2689 reloading conf file leads syslogTcpSource not receives any event yangwei Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2688 the avro sink in sinkgroup will never close the connection when process failed simonchi Open
Improvement FLUME-2685 Prevent possible NullpointerException in Martin Schäf Open
Question FLUME-2684 Connection Pooling Ashok Ram Open
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