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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
New Feature FLUME-3202 Kafka Source and Channel should commit offsets asynchronously per Flume transaction commit Tristan Stevens Open
Improvement FLUME-3198 Add Failover Log4jAppender. linxiaojun Open
Improvement FLUME-3197 Upgrade Kafka client to 1.0.x Tristan Stevens Open
Bug FLUME-3193 can't tail file which has only one line without new line character. Rui Pan Open
Question FLUME-3192 It seems that flume-ng-elasticsearch-sink has an wrong spell youxianqin Open
Bug FLUME-3191 When flume collected files are linked file, and the link file points to a real file, it will lead to open the file too much exception. Rui Pan Open
Bug FLUME-3190 flume shutdown hook issue when both hbase and hdfs sink are in use Yuexin Zhang In Progress
Bug FLUME-3188 [ERROR - org.apache.thrift.server.TThreadedSelectorServer$] run() exiting due to uncaught error ccagml Open
New Feature FLUME-3187 Make Host Interceptor preserve hostname and IP address at the same time tinawenqiao Open
Bug FLUME-3185 Corrupt event found. Please run File Channel Integrity tool Santhosh Chandrasekaran Open
Test FLUME-3184 API changes report for Flume NG Core Andrey Ponomarenko Open
Task FLUME-3183 Maven: generate SHA-512 checksum during deploy Denes Arvay Open
Improvement FLUME-3182 Please add support for SSL/TLS for syslog (tcp) & multi_port syslog (tcp) sources Stephen Measmer Open
Improvement FLUME-3181 Make underflow timeout configurable Nicholas Wertzberger Open
Test FLUME-3180 FLUME_TEST HarryWu Open
Bug FLUME-3179 File channel size in bytes limited by int not long Vitaly Moskovkin Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3177 Replace joda-time with Java 8 Date and Time API Miklos Csanady Open
Bug FLUME-3176 Fix javadoc errors Denes Arvay Open
Bug FLUME-3170 Upload the artifacts for 1.8 release Ferenc Szabo Open
Documentation FLUME-3161 Document encoding parameter of Netcat Source Marcell Hegedus Open
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