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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

Type Key Summary Reporter Status
Bug FLUME-2638 peer not authenticated George Blazer Open
Bug FLUME-2637 flume 1.5 doesnt update flume .tmp file in HDFS until roll sutanu das Open
Improvement FLUME-2636 Agent wide context for configuring shareable properties Johny Rufus Open
Documentation FLUME-2635 Documentation for zookeeper dynamic configuration in flume Simeon Zaharici Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2634 channelCounter of SpillableMemoryChannel not register liu xiaofei Open
Bug FLUME-2632 High CPU on KafkaSink Gwen Shapira Open
Documentation FLUME-2630 Update documentation for Thrift SRc/Sink SSL support Johny Rufus Open
Improvement FLUME-2629 Improve RpcClient unit tests Santiago M. Mola Open
Improvement FLUME-2628 Add an optional parameter to specify the expected input text encoding for the netcat sourcef the netcat source Lionel Herbet Open
Bug FLUME-2627 RpcClient implementations have inconsistent handling of unreachable hosts Santiago M. Mola Open
Bug FLUME-2626 Remove trustmanager-type from Thrift RPC client Hari Shreedharan Open
Bug FLUME-2625 There are several unstable tests within FLUME Tony Reix Open
Bug FLUME-2624 Improve Hive Sink performance Deepesh Khandelwal Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2623 Test testRemoveFields(org.apache.flume.source.TestSyslogUdpSource) fails randomly Tony Reix Open
Improvement FLUME-2622 TestLifecycleSupervisor performs excessive sleeps and no assertions Santiago M. Mola Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2621 Maven is lost with Flume test failure with IBM JVM Tony Reix Open
Bug FLUME-2620 File channel throws NullPointerException if a header value is null Santiago M. Mola Open
Bug FLUME-2619 Spooldir source does not log channel exceptions Santiago M. Mola Open
Improvement FLUME-2618 Provide Proxy Support for TwitterSource Erik Schmiegelow Patch Available
Improvement FLUME-2617 Upgrade the Solr version to 4.10.3 Hrishikesh Gadre Open
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