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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
Bug FLUME-3217 Flume creates empty files when HDFS quota has been reached Denes Arvay Open
Improvement FLUME-3216 When I rename the file, it causes flume to read the data repeatedly. jifei_yang Open
Bug FLUME-3215 abortRemainingTxns when txnBatch is already closed gonglinglei Open
Improvement FLUME-3214 Implement ElasticSink RestClient Helmut Wahrman In Progress
Bug FLUME-3213 TransactionCapacity for spillableMemoryChannel with overflowCapacity set to '0' is limited to 1000000. kaushik srinivas Open
Bug FLUME-3212 Flume does not ignore comment after property name value pair from config file Shubhangi Pardeshi Open
Question FLUME-3211 Byte capacity seems limiting the flume kafka source operation. kaushik srinivas Open
Question FLUME-3210 Flume kafka source slows down when injestion to kafka stops. kaushik srinivas Open
Bug FLUME-3209 deadlock at HDFSEventSink stop jacky.chen Open
Bug FLUME-3208 Test issue for mailing list Hari Shreedharan Open
Bug FLUME-3207 Fix some typos in TestReliableSpoolingFileEventReader guangxian.liao Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3206 SyslogUtils failed to parse RFC5424 example3 timestamp in correct UTC zhumingwei Open
Improvement FLUME-3205 Remove unnecessary 'synchronized' in ResettableFileInputStream guangxian.liao Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3204 Spooling Directory Source and delete COMPLETED file in subfolder william wang Open
Bug FLUME-3203 Spooling dir source leaks records from a file when a corresponding .COMPLETED file already present Umesh Chaudhary Open
New Feature FLUME-3202 Kafka Source and Channel should commit offsets asynchronously per Flume transaction commit Tristan Stevens Open
Improvement FLUME-3198 Add Failover Log4jAppender. linxiaojun Open
Improvement FLUME-3197 Upgrade Kafka client to 1.0.x Tristan Stevens Open
Bug FLUME-3193 can't tail file which has only one line without new line character. Rui Pan Open
Question FLUME-3192 It seems that flume-ng-elasticsearch-sink has an wrong spell youxianqin Open
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