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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
Bug FLUME-2847 Dot notation in field names of ElastricSearch sink Ilija Vukotic Open
Improvement FLUME-2846 flume-kafka-sink uses new kafka producer API Xin Wang Open
Bug FLUME-2845 FLumeAuthenticator.startCredentialRefresher is not called in HDFS sink source stanley shi Open
Bug FLUME-2844 ChannelCounter of SpillableMemoryChannel doesn't register actually. Daniel Wen Open
Improvement FLUME-2843 Improve Error Message For Windows Command Line BELUGA BEHR Open
Bug FLUME-2842 Priority in syslog messages is always present Thebault Julien Open
Bug FLUME-2840 Use Kafka Channel occur exception with zookeeper.jar Qin Shiwei Open
Wish FLUME-2839 Apache Flume with KAKFA Deepak Kumar Open
Bug FLUME-2838 Syslog Sinks use 'flume.syslog.status' header which breaks in ElasticSearch 2.0 Matt Wise Open
Bug FLUME-2837 Check Kafka Message Size darion yaphets Open
Question FLUME-2834 TIBCO JMS with SSL enable Sushma Open
Improvement FLUME-2833 Implement a "replicating" sink processor li xiang Open
IT Help FLUME-2831 Flume 0.9.4 : Windows client : Unable to start HTTP server Pramod Open
Question FLUME-2830 Is there something wrong in the 'Flume User Guide'? ruochen zuo Open
Improvement FLUME-2829 Taildir Source doesn't populate Filename Andre Open
Bug FLUME-2828 Flume agent fails to parse files with emoji when the source type is spooldir qiuyonggang Open
Bug FLUME-2827 Duplicate declaration of hadoop-minicluster dependency Edward Maxwell-Lyte Patch Available
Blog - New Blog Request FLUME-2826 Right Configuration of flume agent for Twitter data Kettler Karl Open
Blog - New Blog Request FLUME-2825 Avro Files are not readable with the converter of HDP2.3 Kettler Karl Open
Blog - New Blog Request FLUME-2824 How does Flume write Json Kettler Karl Open
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