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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
Bug FLUME-3056 TestApplication hangs indefinitely Andras Beni Open
Bug FLUME-3054 hflushOrSync method in HDFS Sink should not treat ClosedChannelException as an error Pan Yuxuan Patch Available
Documentation FLUME-3053 one sink can get events form more than one channel,but the user guide dosent mentioned it. Liam Open
Bug FLUME-3052 Getting heap space error even changing the memory channel to file channel sri Open
Documentation FLUME-3051 Mention the incompatibility of Kafka source with 0.8.x Kafka brokers Umesh Chaudhary Open
Improvement FLUME-3050 add error stats to monitor URL Yuval Lifshitz Open
Bug FLUME-3048 flume hive sink test fail Anxious for a complete build table statements hivesink configuration, and test data Kaiyang Open
Bug FLUME-3047 Avro Sink HDFS with org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.AvroEventSerializer$Builder not working Santosh Balasubramanya Open
Bug FLUME-3046 Kafka Sink and Source Configuration Improvements Jeff Holoman Patch Available
Improvement FLUME-3045 Document GitHub Pull Requests in How to Contribute Guide Jeff Holoman Open
Improvement FLUME-3044 KafkaSink should avoid to call method without timeout param dengkai Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3043 KafkaSink SinkCallback throws NullPointerException when Log4J level is debug dengkai Patch Available
Bug FLUME-3042 use ganglia to monitoring flume KafkaChannel error tiany Open
Bug FLUME-3041 1 EvenShu Open
Question FLUME-3040 Flume client can not append events batch, deflate compression is failing prayagupd Open
Bug FLUME-3039 TestSyslogUtils fails when system locale is not English pingwang Patch Available
Improvement FLUME-3038 accessing the dynamic logs from Apache flume without restarting the flume agent naveenkumar Open
New Feature FLUME-3036 Create a RegexSerializer for Hive Sink Kalyan Open
Bug FLUME-3035 Log loop print “Using default maxIOWorkers”,Cause stack overflow Yashon Open
Improvement FLUME-3034 Update SL4J dependency from 1.6 to 1.7 Jeff Holoman Open
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