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These section describes our coding and contribution guidelines. Please visit the included child pages for more detailed informations.

Open Jira's

T Key Summary Reporter Status
Improvement FLUME-2999 Kafka channel and sink should enable statically assigned partition per event via header Tristan Stevens Open
Documentation FLUME-2998 Add missing configuration parameter to SequenceSource docs Attila Simon Patch Available
Test FLUME-2997 Fix flaky junit test in SpillableMemoryChannel Attila Simon Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2996 Flume process shutdown automaticly hailin Open
Documentation FLUME-2995 Update Website Team Page With New Committers Bessenyei Balázs Donát Open
Improvement FLUME-2994 flume-taildir-source: support for windows Jason Kushmaul Patch Available
New Feature FLUME-2993 Support environment variables in configuration files Bessenyei Balázs Donát Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2992 JMS Source doesn't apply Charset encoding in converter module MOISES Open
Bug FLUME-2991 ExecSource command execution starts before starting the sourceCounter Denes Arvay Patch Available
Wish FLUME-2990 Write access to sensitive files in spool directory source Shankar G Open
Bug FLUME-2989 Kafka Channel metrics missing eventTakeAttemptCount and eventPutAttemptCount Denes Arvay Open
Bug FLUME-2988 Kafka Sink metrics missing eventDrainAttemptCount Denes Arvay Open
Bug FLUME-2987 custom channel configuration object can't get component name Yon Joo Ahn Open
Improvement FLUME-2986 Incorporate max.poll.size in Kafka Channel and Kafka Source Jeff Holoman Open
Improvement FLUME-2985 Consider consolidating Kafka offset migration code Grant Henke Open
Bug FLUME-2984 Default maxReadBufferBytes might cause OOM and cause thrift source exit Laxman Open
Improvement FLUME-2981 Upgrade the Solr version to 5.5.2 Minoru Osuka Patch Available
Bug FLUME-2980 Automated concurrent Kafka offset migration test Mike Percy Open
Bug FLUME-2979 File descriptor leaks in TaildirSource Kun Liu Open
Improvement FLUME-2977 Upgrade RAT to 0.12 Attila Simon Reopened
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