Apache Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available system for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data to scalable data storage systems such as Apache Hadoop's HDFS. 

Flume entered incubation on June 12th, 2011. 

Progress since last report 
 * Move the active development branch - flume-728 to trunk: Completed.
 * Flume version 1.1.0-incubating released from trunk on March 27, 2012
 * Flume PPMC voted three new committers - Hari Shreedharan, Mike Percy and Will McQueen
 * Flume PPMC voted in a new PPMC member - Prasad Mujumdar
 * Development work going strong 146 issues resolved since last submitted report.
 * The flume-dev list has currently 103 subscribers with traffic of 3410 messages over last three months.
 * The flume-user list has currently 250 subscribes with traffic of 415 messages over last three months.
 * A Flume user meetup is being organized on June 13 in San Francisco Bay Area and has attendance to the planned capacity. 

Progress on graduation:
 * Community vote: PASSED. Vote (1), Result (2)
 * Incubator PMC Vote: PASSED. Vote (3), Result (4)
 * During the community vote a concern was raised regarding whether the podling had sufficient diversity (5). 
  * The Flume community worked with the mentors to reach consensus for resolving this issue.
  * The diversity requirement was clarified and helped resolve this concern (6)

(1) http://s.apache.org/Ckq
(2) http://s.apache.org/DBv
(3) http://s.apache.org/5Am
(4) http://s.apache.org/DGH
(5) http://s.apache.org/iI5
(6) http://s.apache.org/lE

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