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Summary of New Feature

This is a draft implementation of FLUME-1687

This sink is a great alternative to the ElasticSearchSink.

There are some flume users that have experience with Apache Solr but do not necessarily understand how to get ElasticSearch up and running.

Having a SolrSink as an alternative could be very helpful in creating a user interface for searching through event and log data collected with Flume using Apache Solr.

This sink essentially picks up events from the channel and uses the ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer client from SolrJ to send events in batches as SolrInputDocuments using multipe worker threads to Apache Solr.

It uses a thread-safe client for Apache Solr (ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer) which buffers all added documents and then transmit them using open HTTP connections.

Internally, ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer has worker threads that are used to drain the buffer

The number of worker threads and the threshold at which the documents are sent to the server and the url where the Solr index is located is configurable.

Please check it out and let me know your feedback.

How to Install

This Sink is designed to work with Flume 1.3.1

It has not yet been tested with other versions of Flume.

1. Copy the jar files below to your $FLUME_HOME/lib folder.

2. Configure the Sink within your Agent similar to the example below and kick off flume.

The jar file for the sources is available here

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