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As part of an effort to fix an issue in the JSON data conversion, it was found that the data conversion process from JSON->PDX and PDX->JSON had some missing capabilities.

The some of the missing capabilities were:

  • The capability to transform data entry formats (String->Date, Date->String, String->Numeric, Numeric->String)
  • The ability to map incoming fieldNames to a different fieldName i.e systemCreatedDate->createdDate
  • The capability to map specific conversions to specific class types i.e String->Date conversion only applies to org.apache.domain.Object1 type objects
  • The ability to register custom developed data converters
  • The ability to change data conversions at runtime

Currently, the data converters are limited to JSON->PDX only, but with the Data Converter Service, this can easily be extended to handle most commonly used data formats.




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