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If you making changes to the public API, make sure is aware that the changes will affect the public API by sending an email with [DISCUSS] in the subject to describe your changes.

Backwards Compatibility

In general, nothing can be removed or modified in way that is not backwards compatible. If something is deprecated, it can be removed after a major release, provided there is a discussion on the dev list.

Javadocs and @since tags

All public and internal APIs should have useful javadocs. For all public
APIs (anything not in /internal/), new additions to the javadocs
should include an @since tag to let the users know when the feature was
added. Eg

       * Returns a collection of all of the CacheServers
       * that can serve the contents of this Cache> to clients.
       * @see #addCacheServer
       * @since 5.7
      public List<CacheServer> getCacheServers();

Any feature which is deprecated should specify a link to the new alternative.

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