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We yesterday had a conversation between a few Geode commiters and spit balled some ideas about things we'd like to see refactored in Geode. The below list shows all ideas and how much support the ideas found to be tackled in the nearish future.

5 Static final vars → final vars | remove statics
4 Embrace interfaces instead of impls & Interface drive design of components
4 Use Dependency Injection. I.e pass everything to constructor
3 Remove NULL/Don't use Nulls
3 Gfsh is a module
2 Simple way to add gfsh, REST API commands
2 Pull everything that has external dependencies out of Geode core (REST API, Gfsh, etc.)
2 Remove dead code: Commented out sections and TODOs
1 Get rid of old LogWriter
1 System props → final vars
1 RegisterInterest APIs
1 Function's ResultSet & Function result cleanup (everything as JSON strings)
1 Consolidate configuration | One config framework
1 Mutable instances → immutable instances
1 Change ARM to use a basic concurrent hash map

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