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New Client/Server Protocol - Road Map to GA v1.0 and beyond

Features on the map for GA v1.0:

  • Message definitions using Protobuf, simplifying new client development across a range of languages

  • get/getAll messages

  • put/putAll messages

  • remove message

  • getRegion message (for verifying existence)

  • getAvailableServers message (targeting a locator, which will return a server list)

  • Support for primitive types and JSON objects/documents as values, which are converted to PDX-serialized objects on the server (and converted back before being sent to the client) 

  • Simple authentication and authorization using existing configuration

  • SSL (one-way, verifying server)

  • Statistics (client connections count/start/termination, bytes/sec sent/received, authorization violations)

Features for beyond GA v1.0:

  • Querying

  • Function execution (also with parameters and executed against specific members or server groups or specific keys)

  • Creating regions

  • Put-only-if-absent message

  • Put-only-if-present (replace/update) message 

  • getAllKeys message

  • Expansion of GetRegion message to include metadata (e.g., region type, number of entries)

  • Handling PDX-serialized objects from clients

  • SASL authentication/authorization (allowing for greater range of options in the future and adhering to a standard of sorts)

  • Two-way SSL (also verifying client)




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