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I'm working on the website for the newly formed Apache HAWQ project that is based off the Apache CouchDB site design. Discussing this design with a number of the Geode committers, it was agreed that a similar design would be easier to maintain and look better than the current pages we have posted. Also the text we currently display is already out of date, and could stand a substantial rewrite.

In response to  GEODE-53 - Getting issue details... STATUS :

Here is the mockup based on CouchDB that I have posted in a Google Slides doc.   Comments are welcome.  My proposal is that we keep the current purple Geode graphics look and feel, but otherwise have a long static page. A lot of the existing content will be either replaced or moved to the wiki for easier updates.

Please note that since Geode does not yet have an official release, I'm removing the "download" areas.  We can still have "how to get the latest build of Geode" in our wiki. Once we have an official release, we'll update the website again to advertise this.

Here is text for the various panels on the design above:

Text for pane 1 (25 words or less):

Apache Geode is a distributed, in-memory database with strong data consistency, built to support transactional applications with low latency and high concurrency needs.


Text for pane 2: (About Geode - 150 words or less)

Processing low latency queries, transactions, and data event messaging at high concurrency

Apache Geode (incubating) was first developed to solve performance issues at scale for commodities traders after the crash of Enron in 2002. It was released to the market as the commercial product GemFire, a product of Gemstone Systems. In April 2015, The code was granted to The ASF as Apache Geode (incubating).

Apache Geode is a distributed, in-memory database built with three design principles:

  1. Elastic performance: Maintain low latency response through a self-balancing cluster architecture while keeping all data in-memory

  2. Distributed consistency: Guarantee consistency of data across distributed nodes of a cluster to support ACID transactions

  3. Resilient availability:  Without sacrificing consistency, ensure data remains available in a cluster through automated, redundancy, rebalancing, and self healing of the cluster

Geode nodes have an integrated eventing system for delivering administrative and cache events.  Events can match queries, be synchronous or asynchronous, are ordered, persistent, and highly available. This implements powerful capabilities such as guaranteed write-behind to RDBMS.


Text for pane 3: (Contribute - Intro 75 words or less)

Join Our Community of Contributors!

The Apache Geode team welcomes contributors who want to support the Geode technology. Our community builds everything from this website, to the Geode code, to documentation and best practices information.

We especially welcome additions and corrections to the documentation, wiki, and website to improve the user experience.  Bug reports, and fixes and additions to the Apache Geode code are welcome. Helping users learn best practices also earns karma in our community.



Got an idea of a feature or fix for Geode? We welcome contributors. Please discuss in the dev mail list, post an issue on Jira, and make pull requests on Github

--Geode Dev mail list

--Geode Issues

--Geode Github

--Get the latest build


Looking for an answer to a specific question? Are you an expert who likes to answer questions? Engage here:

-- Geode User email list

-- Geode on StackOverflow

-- Geode HipChat


Are you an Apache Geode expert, and want to share your knowledge with others? We are collaborative community, and want to share best practices

-- Geode Meetups & other events

-- Geode User mail list

--- Geode demo code

-- Geode on Twitter

-- Geode social media


Even this website is a work of our community. We treat it as an extension of the code. Got a suggestion, fix, or even a redesign idea? Please email dev, post an issue, and commit a change.

--Geode Dev mail list

--Geode Issues

--Website on Github


Documentation and how-to tips can always be made clearer, better organized, more complete, and be translated to more languages.

-- Geode Wiki

-- View Geode docs

-- Add to Geode docs

---Geode training materials




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  1. Nice layout Gregory Chase!!

    A few suggestions:

    • You may want to put action verbs as titles for the Contributors page: examples: BUILD (Code), FIND (Questions), LEARN (Documentation), SHARE (Evangelism) and SUGGEST (Website)
    • In general, the site lacks some basic icons/ images. May be a good idea to include a few...

    Hope this helps

    1. Thanks for the feedback Nitin!