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  • Steps to create a plugin repository for a new Geronimo release
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warning: these steps have not been validated yet. please remove this comment when they have been validated

If the new server version ( n) supports plugins from the previous release (n-1):

  1. add new <geronimo-version> elements for current release ( n) in site/trunk/docs/plugins/n-1/geronimo-plugins.xml
  2. (optional)
    • publish the new server version (in full) to the maven repository
    • update site/trunk/docs/plugins/n-1/geronimo-plugins.xml to include any plugins from the new server version
  3. update the geronimo web site

If the new server version (x.y) does not support plugins from the previous release:

  1. (assumed) branch the server release and set the version (x.y) in its poms
  2. update <geronimo-version> elements to x.y in all geronimo-plugin.xml files under server/branches/x.y/configs
  3. update the repository-list references for the PluginInstallerGBean in server/branches/x.y/assemblies/*/src/main/var/config/config.xml
  4. build and publish the new server version (in full) to the maven repository
  5. create a new plugin catalog for the release in site/trunk/docs/plugins/x.y/geronimo-plugins.xml
    • for now this is created manually by concatenating the geronimo-plugin.xml files under server/branches/x.y/configs and making the necessary tweaks
  6. create a new repository list for the x.y release at site/trunk/docs/plugins/plugin-repository-list-x.y.txt
  7. update the geronimo web site
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