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  • Tomcat v6 game plan
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This page outlines the game plan for integrating tomcat v6 into Geronimo2.0

(tick) Stage 1 - update specs

Tomcat v6 has the following spec dependencies

(tick) Get all these specs published to a maven repo

Stage 2 - update modules and configs

  • (tick) modules/geronimo-tomcat
    • (tick) add repository to pom
      • this will be removed when tomcat publishes v6 artifacts
    • (tick) update pom to use tomcat 6.0.2 beta jars
    • (tick) remove outdated clustering (o.a.g.tomcat.cluster)
    • (tick) update resources in src/main/resources/META-INF/geronimo-tomcat/var/catalina
    • (tick) update dependencies in src/main/resources/META-INF/geronimo-dependency.xml
    • (tick) update test cases
  • (tick) modules/geronimo-tomcat-builder
    • (tick) remove outdated references to clustering support
    • (tick) update test cases
  • (tick) configs/webconsole-tomcat
    • (tick) remove dependencies on jasper-runtime from pom.xml and plan.xml
  • (tick) configs/jee5-specs
    • (tick) use servlet 2.5, jsp 2.1, el 1.0, annotation 1.0
  • (tick) configs/tomcat-deployer
    • (tick) update pom.xml to use new web25-builder
  • (tick) assemblies/geronimo-tomcat-j2ee
    • (tick) rename to geronimo-tomcat-jee5
    • (tick) synch pom.xml and config.xml with same from jetty6-jee assembly
  • (tick) cursory test of admin console
  • (tick) test cases
    • (tick) add new unit test for servlet 2.5 to geronimo-tomcat
    • (tick) test deployment of 2.5 WAR from command line and admin console
    • (tick) test bringup of tomcat-minimal and jetty6-jee5 assemblies

Geronimo 2.0 milestone build – Dec 23

Stage 3 - update builder

  • (tick) modules/geronimo-web-builder
    • (tick) Merge webmodule-builder changes from sandbox/jee5 branch (thanks djencks)
  • modules/geronimo-tomcat-builder
    • add support for annotations
    • updated schema
  • test & fix as necessary
    • deploy/undeploy WAR
    • deploy/undeploy EAR containing WAR
    • geronimo welcome
    • JSP and servlet example plugins
    • geronimo admin console

Stage 4

  • use updated jspc maven plugin (JSP 1.2 support)
  • (tick) remove unnecessary reference to jasper-runtime from poms using jspc-maven-plugin
    • (tick) console
    • (tick) demo
    • (tick) ca-helper
    • (tick) jsp-examples
    • (tick) ldap-demo
    • (tick) remote-deploy
    • (tick) uddi-server
    • (tick) welcome
    • (tick) magic GBall

Stage 5

  • replace clustering support removed in Stage 2 with catalina-ha
    • TBD how does Jeff's clustering work affect this?

Stage 6

  • add integration tests
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