This page lists the various tools that the Apache Geronimo project uses. Not all developers use every tool. There are almost certainly some tools that are missing. If you are a committer, you can edit this page directly, if you are not,pPlease send mail to dev@geronimo.apache.org or user@geronimo.apache.org if you want to add a tool that geronimo is using.

Apache tools

Geronimo is built by Maven.

Open Source Tools


A variety of IDEs are used by the Geronimo developers. One of them is the Eclipse IDE.

Commercial Tools


YourKit, LLC kindly provide free licenses for the YourKit Java Profiler to open source projects. YourKit Java Profiler is primarily used to investigate performance issues in Apache Geronimo. It was particularly useful to determine the performance bottleneck .


Microsoft kindly provide free MSDN licenses to Apache committers that have a requirement for them.

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