About Apache Software Foundation (ASF)

The Apache Software Foundation has initiated a project to develop an open-source, Apache-licensed, implementation of the J2EE specification. In addition, the project is committed to certifying the implementation as J2EE compliant. This is an ambitious goal and will present a formidable challenge for the people involved, given the wide range of technologies covered by the specification.

Apache Geronimo builds upon the many Java projects at the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, the project is bringing together members of the ActiveMQ, Castor, MX4J, OpenEJB and ServiceMix communities. We would like to extend an open invitation to everyone involved in the J2EE space, both commercial entities and talented individuals, to join the community and build a world-class J2EE implementation.

The Apache Software Foundation is in a unique position to build a J2EE compliant platform. Our non-profit, charity status, and our relationship with Sun Microsystems, provides the foundation with access to the J2EE #TCKs, making it possible to achieve certification. In addition, our flexible and unrestrictive licensing makes it possible for a wide variety of participants to assist in the development of Apache Geronimo, and to build their own solutions upon the platform.

On May 26, 2004, the board of the Apache Software Foundation approved the graduation of the Apache Geronimo project from within the Incubator to its own Top Level project.

Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

A TCK is a suite of tests and tools used to check compatibility of a Java technology specification.

They are under the responsibility of the Spec Lead and Expert group of the JCP. TCK is one of the three components of a final Java technology with specification and reference implementation.

They are made of the following:

  • Test Suite: composed of test assertions related to the specification
  • Test Harness: tools for tests exection and management
  • Documentation explaining the TCK usage and successful requirements

Certified J2EE application servers like Geronimo pass those TCKs.
To find out more information about these specifications and tests visit the following URLs:

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