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JBoss to Geronimo (J2G) is a tool set built as Eclipse SDK plug-ins designed to assist in migrating the sources of an application written for the JBoss application server or written for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) to the Apache Geronimo platform.

For information on downloading J2G, visit the Geronimo Development Tools page.

Sample application migration

The following are a series of articles to assist you to migrate applications from JBoss v4.0.2 to Apache Geronimo V1.0.

There are several articles focusing on different features/functionalities of the J2EE specification. All these articles are self contained and fully independent from each other. They provide feature-to-feature comparison analysis between the differences in the implementation from JBoss to Apache Geronimo, this will particularly help you when doing the migration planning.

Additionally, each article provides a sample application for you to practice and gain experience migrating from one platform to another. All these articles have the same internal structure so it will be easier for you to find similar information about different topics across the articles.

Available articles:

  1. JBoss to Geronimo - Servlets and JSPs Migration
  2. JBoss to Geronimo - JDBC Migration
  3. JBoss to Geronimo - Web Services Migration
  4. JBoss to Geronimo - EJB-BMP Migration
  5. JBoss to Geronimo - EJB-Session Beans Migration
  6. JBoss to Geronimo - EJB-CMP Migration
  7. JBoss to Geronimo - Hibernate Migration

The following migration articles were developed using Apache Geronimo M5. These articles are currently being revised and updated to reflect the changes in Geronimo V1.0.

  1. JBoss to Geronimo - Security Migration
  2. JBoss to Geronimo - JCA Migration
  3. JBoss to Geronimo - EJB-MDB Migration
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