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Sample Template

Part 1 - Installing/Running the Sample - This section needs to be filled out

Sample Overview
Provide a quick high-level description of the sample. Describe the purpose of the sample and what technologies it showcases.

Installing the Sample
Provide the instructions for installing the sample.

This includes:

  • Link to download the sample
  • Instructions/scripts for deploying the the sample application
  • Instructions/scripts for related setup (e.g. connection pool/data source, database, LDAP server, other required prerequisites, etc.)

Running the Sample
Provide instructions for how to run/test the sample.

This includes:

  • Starting the server
  • Describe the url links for each of the various portions of the sample (e.g. http://localhost:8080/Demo182 provides access to the Demo182 sample)
  • Describe the visual contents for each portion of the sample and how it relates to the backend server functionality
    (e.g. In the Servlets example, the "Sessions" portion of the sample illustrates how name/value pairs can be added to an HttpSession.
    The input name/value pairs are sent from the browser to the server which then stores the session data in a hashtable and returns a correlation id (session id) to the browser via a cookie. Subsequent browser requests result in the browser sending the cookie to the server which uses the session id to access the saved session data. This allows state information (e.g. shopping cart) to be maintained over multiple http/https requests.

You can include pictures to help describe the scenarios.

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Part 2 - Detailed Sample Information - This is an optional section though may be valuable for many samples

Building the Sample

  • Pertinent Development environment information
  • Pertinent Build environment info and commands

Detailed analysis of the sample

Extending the Sample

Related Configuration Information details (e.g. database, LDAP server , JMS server)

Geronimo unique behavior

Contact Info: A technical contact (optional) or a pointer to the geronimo mailing lists.

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