Building from source

If you are interested in simply using J2G to migrate an application, this article may not be for you, as it is intended to serve as instruction for compiling J2G from sources. For information on downloading a binary copy of J2G, visit the Geronimo Development Tools page.

Downloading and building J2G from the latest source allows for modifications and additions to be made to the tool set, the prerequisites and instructions are as follows.


Obtaining the Source Code

Once the prerequisites are installed, it is time to checkout the code from the repository. To do this, use the "svn co" command from the command line. Currently, the repository for j2g is

svn co j2g


From the root J2G directory:

mvn install

Disabling Tests

To disable unit tests while building:

mvn install -Dtest=false


Once the tool has been built you can deploy by using the following steps:

  1. Unzip the deployable created in <j2g-home>/target
  2. On the command line, navigate to the bin directory in the deployable
  3. Run the appropriate j2g-configure script for your operating system
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