Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version 1.2

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System Requirements
You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 1.4.2.  CORBA support requires a 
Sun Java 1.4.2 VM (specifically 1.4.2_08 or a higher 1.4.2_* release).

For users that do not require CORBA for their applications may also choose to use
Sun Java 1.5 VM.

Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Installing & Starting Geronimo
To install, simply unpack the .zip (Windows) or tar.gz (Unix) file containing 

If you wish to modify the default ports that Geronimo will use, edit the file 

Geronimo comes with batch and script files to control server start and stop 
functions.  To see usage examples simply type geronimo.bat or 
command as appropriate for your platform.  It is necessary to set JAVA_HOME to 
the copy of your Sun 1.4.2 JDK/JRE prior to executing the command.  

Here is an example to set JAVA_HOME:

export JAVA_HOME=<JDK/JRE_home>

To see the available command options type:


The command will display help text instructing you as to how to start and stop 
the Geronimo server.

If you prefer to start the server without a script file you can simply type: 

java -jar <geronimo_home>/bin/server.jar

Once the server has started, you can access the Geronimo Administration Console
at http://localhost:8080/console/ . The default user name is "system" and the 
default password is "manager".

Administration Console Security Configuration
The default administration user/password for the Geronimo Administration Console 
and deployment tool is system/manager.  You can change these defaults directly 
from the Geronimo Administration Console by accessing Security -> Console Realm
and change the user name and password from the Console Realm Users portlet.

As an alternative, you can make the same changes by editing the 
<geronimo_home>/var/security/ and 
<geronimo_home>/var/security/ files.

Deploying Applications
Geronimo comes with deploy scripts and batch files to deploy J2EE modules or 
applications. You can use the scripts or simply invoke the executable jar by 
running the following command (note that you need to start Geronimo first):

<geronimo_home>/bin/java -jar deployer.jar deploy my-web-app.war [deploy plan]

You will need to use the username "system" and password "manager" unless you 
customized those during the install process.  The deployment plan argument is 
optional -- you can pack a deployment plan into the application module, provide
it on the command line, or in some cases omit it entirely.

You can also use the "Login" command once and avoid to enter user name and 
password every time you use the deploy tool

For more information on the commands and options supported by the deploy tool,
run from within the Geronimo directory <geronimo_home>/bin:

java -jar deployer.jar help [command]

You can also graphically deploy applications and resources via the Geronimo 
Administration Console available at http://localhost:8080/console/

Other Deployment Options
As an alternative to the command-line deployer, you can copy application 
modules into the <geronimo_home>/deploy/ directory and the
hot deployer service will deploy them automatically.  The command-line deployer
has some advantages, as it will output any
deployment errors to its own console rather than just the server log.

Additionally, Geronimo provides a Maven plugin that can deploy applications to 
Geronimo as part of a Maven build.

Future Road Map at a Glance

  (the above URL must be all on one line)

Significant Changes Since the 1.1 Release

Choice of Web container
Two versions of the Geronimo binary are available for download. There is a 
version for the Jetty Web container and a version for the Tomcat Web 
container.  Both distributions are fully supported by the Geronimo team.  
Download the binary that is more appropriate for your environment.

Most configuration attributes can be updated in the 
<geronimo_home>/var/config/config.xml file.  The attributes most likely to be 
changed are already included in the supplied config.xml file, while others may
need to be added manually.

Specific Issues, Features and Improvements fixed in Version 1.2

Release Notes - Geronimo - Version 1.2

** Bug
    * [GERONIMO-470] - Online deployer locks module file
    * [GERONIMO-526] - Default domain not added to object names
    * [GERONIMO-592] - Startup failure in Turkish language settings
    * [GERONIMO-644] - Serialized form of GBeans objects must each declare SUID
    * [GERONIMO-646] - Servlet calling HttpServletRequest.isUserInRole(null) causes NPE using Jetty container
    * [GERONIMO-777] - Deployment files not removed on Windows
    * [GERONIMO-803] - Deploy failure during redeploy leaves app undeployed
    * [GERONIMO-815] - Get stack trace from ActiveMQ when shutting down geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-920] - Failure in deployer:distribute plugin does not cause maven build to fail
    * [GERONIMO-973] - Add security to /console-standard
    * [GERONIMO-979] - Deployment/startup hangs when another instance is up
    * [GERONIMO-1001] - Derby NetworkServer does not use TCCL
    * [GERONIMO-1012] - Tomcat integration does not set a subject in an unsecured web module in a secured ejb application
    * [GERONIMO-1082] - Deployment doesn't ensure queries defined for ejbSelect methods
    * [GERONIMO-1097] - (Patch) Keystore Portlet should point to the default keystore file instead of ssl-keystore-1
    * [GERONIMO-1135] - Keystore password in
    * [GERONIMO-1165] - Changing System DB pool size to 65 causes ActiveMQ to fail to get a connection
    * [GERONIMO-1176] - Bad "resource" reference is not caught at deployment time
    * [GERONIMO-1182] - Connector portlet delete challenge
    * [GERONIMO-1183] - Console/Tomcat: Add/Edit Jetty HTTPS Connector page does not provide "key password" field
    * [GERONIMO-1196] - Keystore portlet: Viewing trusted certificate results in an error
    * [GERONIMO-1204] - Jetty Stack Dump
    * [GERONIMO-1287] - IzPack Installer does not set line endings to CRLF on windows and LF on non-Windows platforms
    * [GERONIMO-1307] - JMX connector doesn't shut down cleanly
    * [GERONIMO-1313] - openejb builder listener attribute has bad object name
    * [GERONIMO-1316] - Create JMS destination pretty darn broken
    * [GERONIMO-1331] - QName class escaped from startup classpath
    * [GERONIMO-1334] - 142 config-store directories are created during a build
    * [GERONIMO-1336] - Setting the Max PoolSize on a DataBase pool with invalid information does not yield an error message and silently fails
    * [GERONIMO-1339] - db pool size & connection attributes are not saved in config.xml
    * [GERONIMO-1340] - Assemblies include all car files in the repository
    * [GERONIMO-1344] - Get java usage help when a trailing slash '/' is in GERONIMO_HOME environment variable when running geronimo.bat
    * [GERONIMO-1345] - Connection pool resizing does not calculate what to do correctly
    * [GERONIMO-1348] - Packaging plugin does not set extension directories
    * [GERONIMO-1352] - RMI port number is not specified in URL for JMXConnector in server config.xml files
    * [GERONIMO-1358] - Switch database config file looking to
    * [GERONIMO-1370] - velocity.log is created in current directory on server startup
    * [GERONIMO-1379] - Login Error page does not include updates to remove table and include About link
    * [GERONIMO-1387] - Geronimo Console Applications portlets fail after starting app client.
    * [GERONIMO-1388] - "Go" button should be moved to another location on the console as it may not be visible without scrolling right
    * [GERONIMO-1395] - text files (except *.bat files) have LF endings in ZIP file
    * [GERONIMO-1406] - BUILDING.txt needs update to reflect the removing of assembly directory
    * [GERONIMO-1409] - A Filter is initialized with a wrong TCCL.
    * [GERONIMO-1411] - servlet 2.3 context-param elements are not converted properly to servlet 2.4 schema
    * [GERONIMO-1416] - [daytrader] Broken links on benchmarking page
    * [GERONIMO-1419] - javax.mail.internet.InternetHeaders has some non implemented features
    * [GERONIMO-1425] - access to unprotected web resource after login does not use correct Subject
    * [GERONIMO-1433] - Security vulnerability of WEB-INF contents on windows platforms
    * [GERONIMO-1435] - resource-env-ref mapping by admin-object-link broken
    * [GERONIMO-1436] - [daytrader] Build instructions in applications\daytrader\README file out of date
    * [GERONIMO-1437] - INFO  [Http11Protocol] messages (from tomcat) written to stdout during startup of Geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-1438] - INFO  [StandardContext] logged (from Tomcat) during shutdown of Geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-1440] - JAASJettyRealm not shared enough
    * [GERONIMO-1441] - "Build path contains duplicate entry" errors for some geronimo projects in eclipse
    * [GERONIMO-1443] - The hot deployer should accept plan-only deployments just like the online deployer
    * [GERONIMO-1446] - Tomcat server assembly does not include geronimo javamail car
    * [GERONIMO-1447] - MagicGBall sample does not work in AG 1.0
    * [GERONIMO-1448] - debug-tool does not work on Tomcat
    * [GERONIMO-1450] - Console usage plans use old namspace & parentId
    * [GERONIMO-1452] - Config.xml refers to the wrong JMX remote service gbean (Fix included)
    * [GERONIMO-1455] - Start of CAR does not load and start its GBeans
    * [GERONIMO-1456] - has a meta-inf folder in the root directory
    * [GERONIMO-1457] - Change trunk version to 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    * [GERONIMO-1463] - Tomcat doesn't always get the right servlet name when evaluating isUserInRole
    * [GERONIMO-1465] - FixCRLF processing in assembly plugin sometimes fails under windows trying to rename a temp file
    * [GERONIMO-1467] - DB pool portlet error when web session saved
    * [GERONIMO-1468] - FileSystemRepository#listUris() produces wrong URI array when the repository contains a malformed entry
    * [GERONIMO-1473] - ApplicationPolicyConfigurationManager doesn't clear permissions on startup
    * [GERONIMO-1474] - Cross site scripting vulnerabilites
    * [GERONIMO-1477] - JMX debug tool should not be loaded in the supplied config.xml
    * [GERONIMO-1480] - Cross context include does not set jacc contextID for 2nd web app. (Tomcat only)
    * [GERONIMO-1489] - Minor fixes/updates to jUDDI webapp and Tomcat config
    * [GERONIMO-1490] - setjavaenv.bat is not called by deploy.bat
    * [GERONIMO-1494] - Potential infinite loop in ActiveMQ shutdown processing
    * [GERONIMO-1497] - DatabasePoolPortlet Unable to save connection pool
    * [GERONIMO-1503] - keystore generated by KeyStore portlet could not be used to add either Jetty or Tomcat HTTPS Listeners
    * [GERONIMO-1505] - Installer should default Tomcat on at runtime if Jetty pack is not selected
    * [GERONIMO-1513] - The directory "geronimo-1.0\lib\extension" does not match the "Extension-Dirs: lib/ext" value in server.jar's file
    * [GERONIMO-1517] - Installer - Install Derby with base J2EE Features
    * [GERONIMO-1519] - ResourceException.toString() can return null
    * [GERONIMO-1523] - Openejb corba class is included (serialized) in all enc contexts
    * [GERONIMO-1525] - Error in DB Pool Portlet
    * [GERONIMO-1528] - javax.mail.BodyPart does not implement setParent() method
    * [GERONIMO-1530] - javax.mail.Service does not properly implement the protocol between javamail infrastructure and transport handlers.
    * [GERONIMO-1535] - Error in security realm portlet
    * [GERONIMO-1536] - Installer - j2ee-installer assembly project.xml fix
    * [GERONIMO-1537] - Installer - IzPack assembly does not qualify plugin version for code copied to installer assembly for use at install time
    * [GERONIMO-1540] - Fix security vulnerability in jsp-examples
    * [GERONIMO-1541] - Unable to deploy applications in new Minimal and WEB-JMS assemblies
    * [GERONIMO-1551] - Jetty and Tomcat WADI integrations do not work against current WADI distro
    * [GERONIMO-1558] - InternetHeaders not handling setHeader(String name, Address[] addresses) properly.
    * [GERONIMO-1561] - Misspelling in Kernel Exception Message
    * [GERONIMO-1564] - Use specific geronimo.assemble.xx properties in assembly project.xml files
    * [GERONIMO-1566] - Binary distributions (both zip and tgz) contain a META-INF/ file under the geronimo-1.0 directory.
    * [GERONIMO-1569] - improve packaging plugin control of logging.
    * [GERONIMO-1570] - jetty is setting hosts instead of virtual hosts
    * [GERONIMO-1578] - Including wadi and its dependencies in the jetty configuration/classpath breaks numerous bits of geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-1580] - Better error message for missing WSDL file for EJB web service
    * [GERONIMO-1585] - Web app security on /* causes deployment exception
    * [GERONIMO-1596] - Repeated interface in JMS connection factory plan causes deployment failure
    * [GERONIMO-1603] - shutdown.bat does not set ERRORLEVEL and does not honour GERONIMO_BATCH_ECHO and GERONIMO_BATCH_PAUSE environment variables
    * [GERONIMO-1604] - Output from is inconsistent with other scripts - does not output info on environment variable settings (e.g. JAVA_HOME)
    * [GERONIMO-1609] - Fix typo in error message in geronimo.bat - "cannot find ...setclasspath.bat" should read "cannot find ...setjavaenv.bat"
    * [GERONIMO-1610] - deploy.bat does not honour GERONIMO_BATCH_ECHO and GERONIMO_BATCH_PAUSE environment variables
    * [GERONIMO-1612] - Remove -Djava.endorsed.dirs="$JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS"  from commands in
    * [GERONIMO-1615] - CSS GSSUP dynamic auth sends domain name as username
    * [GERONIMO-1616] - CSS GSSUP token encoding sets username to username@domain but decoding does not reverse that
    * [GERONIMO-1634] - NoClassDefFoundError from Derby Log Viewer
    * [GERONIMO-1641] - Using default Console Realm, when delete a user it will not be removed from the groups
    * [GERONIMO-1643] - NullTransport class needs to implement protocolConnect
    * [GERONIMO-1649] - Invalid deployment descriptor error when deploying an EJB 2.0 MDB
    * [GERONIMO-1657] - CommandSupport doesn't bubble up the exception. Prints stacktrace.
    * [GERONIMO-1658] - NPE in the ConnectionTrackingCoordinator with Roller
    * [GERONIMO-1669] - javamail Transport.send() is not issuing connect() on the transport before sending the message.
    * [GERONIMO-1671] - InternetAddress.getLocalAddress() does not properly implement the local address resolution path.
    * [GERONIMO-1676] - Tomcat assembly get FileNotFoundException for geronimo.log during server initalization
    * [GERONIMO-1695] - CORBA for EJB with Local interface only causes NPE
    * [GERONIMO-1696] - JPDA run command not listed in usage help for and geronimo.bat
    * [GERONIMO-1697] - Can't set listen host/IP for Sun CORBA Name Service GBean
    * [GERONIMO-1699] - jdom classes not available for information portlet
    * [GERONIMO-1704] - Console security realm doesn't let you pick a JAR
    * [GERONIMO-1743] - Deploy.bat doesn't accept any arguments and hence doesn't work.
    * [GERONIMO-1744] - "dt_shmem" default in geronimo.bat for JPDA_TRANSPORT environment variable not compatible with Eclipse debugger
    * [GERONIMO-1745] - The JPDA_OPTS environment variable is not honoured by geronimo.bat and is inconsistent with
    * [GERONIMO-1765] - POP3 and NNTP messages should throw an exception if headers are modified.
    * [GERONIMO-1788] - Allow for disabling of cookies in web application
    * [GERONIMO-1793] - MimeBodyPart setDescription()/getDescription() is not properly encoding header description data.
    * [GERONIMO-1794] - javamail Service class is not setting debug flag.
    * [GERONIMO-1797] - Mail attachments are not getting recognized as MIME parts
    * [GERONIMO-1813] - When already deployed application is hot deployed once gain , Server doesn't delete the module from hot deployed directory
    * [GERONIMO-1819] - Port SQL realm fix from 1.1 to HEAD
    * [GERONIMO-1822] - Connector builder doesn't check consistency of transaction settings
    * [GERONIMO-1826] - Naming tests might not work on non-Sun VMs.
    * [GERONIMO-1833] - Non-public Sun classes dependencies in tests
    * [GERONIMO-1840] - NamingPropertiesTest is not compatible with non-Sun VMs.
    * [GERONIMO-1887] - Remove unneeded jars from console WEB-INF/lib directories
    * [GERONIMO-1965] - NNTPSTransportGBean is configuring wrong mail properties.
    * [GERONIMO-1982] - server try to deploy the modules in hot deployment directory again during server startup
    * [GERONIMO-1984] - New Keystore portlet - Add Trust Certificate throws exception
    * [GERONIMO-1985] - More then one configuration mananger was found in kernel with daytrader-derby-jetty-streamer-client
    * [GERONIMO-1986] - TranQL Connector doesn't check Driver Class during deployment
    * [GERONIMO-1996] - Error during deployment may result in files not being cleaned up properly
    * [GERONIMO-2027] - Mismatched passwords when editing user in web console
    * [GERONIMO-2056] - Plugins plugin.xml has hardcoded version numbers
    * [GERONIMO-2058] - Invalid gbean names in config.xml do not prevent server starting or module starting
    * [GERONIMO-2064] - Mail archive links in the Welcome portlet should use the redirects at
    * [GERONIMO-2068] - Upgrade tool should deal with gbean-name element in gbean refs.
    * [GERONIMO-2074] - CMP Issues two selects for each CMP bean read operation
    * [GERONIMO-2076] - Must edit config.xml to provide custom plugin install source
    * [GERONIMO-2083] - Use howl-logger-1.0.1-1.jar
    * [GERONIMO-2100] - Subject can remain attached to thread on return from web app request, causing problems later on subsequent use of that thread
    * [GERONIMO-2103] - Console config declares dependency on Jetty/Tomcat JAR instead of Jetty/Tomcat CAR
    * [GERONIMO-2104] - NPE in maven1repo when bad directory name is listed
    * [GERONIMO-2108] - web app deployment fails with strange error if geronimo-web.xml defines a message-destination
    * [GERONIMO-2113] - Geronimo doesn't start if restarted using another JDK
    * [GERONIMO-2117] - Remove files - they are no longer used
    * [GERONIMO-2119] - new javamail components need scm tags in pom.xml files.
    * [GERONIMO-2125] - Classpath entries in the web app archive META-INF/MANIFEST.MF are not added to the wep app class path
    * [GERONIMO-2130] - javamail MimeUtilityTest fails on Mac OS/X
    * [GERONIMO-2131] - "Installed Configuration" message written using System.out.println(..) instead of using the log
    * [GERONIMO-2134] - Shutdown error in ConfigurationClassLoader on Java 5
    * [GERONIMO-2136] - Remove About icon and about page from console
    * [GERONIMO-2138] - Configuration jsp-examples-tomcat includes Jetty dependencies
    * [GERONIMO-2141] - javamail providers component referencing non-released version of activation specs.
    * [GERONIMO-2164] - Creating SQL- based security realm fails
    * [GERONIMO-2165] - Javamail provider component needs dependency update to released 1.1 spec version for javamail 1.3.1 and activation.
    * [GERONIMO-2169] - Once tagged, the m:co goal of tags/1.1.1 should checkout the corresponding tagged version of OpenEJB (not a branch)
    * [GERONIMO-2170] - Tagged versions of Geronimo should not include in their list of maven repositories
    * [GERONIMO-2171] - some portions of a build still look at
    * [GERONIMO-2175] - etc/ should be automatically generated (or made unecessary)
    * [GERONIMO-2193] - Build test failure in MimeUtilityTest on the Mac
    * [GERONIMO-2195] - SharedLib GBean fails to start if shared/lib and shared/classes dirs are missing
    * [GERONIMO-2197] - NPE when the "edit" link is selected on the Security Realms console page
    * [GERONIMO-2198] - CSSBean creates 2 unnecessary threads for every instance.
    * [GERONIMO-2199] - Key portion of Geronimo-1145 appears have gotten lost.
    * [GERONIMO-2200] - SMTP debug output echos portions of the output twice.
    * [GERONIMO-2202] - Move to new Apache Maven 1 repo (repo/m1-snapshot-repository
    * [GERONIMO-2208] - bad classpath in geronimo-deploy-jsr88-1.1.jar
    * [GERONIMO-2213] - Bug in ServerConstants cause NPE when is missing
    * [GERONIMO-2214] - Use m2 filtering to fill in values for geronimo-version.propertes (and friends)
    * [GERONIMO-2222] - Application errors in static initialization blocks during serialization of configuration during deployment  due to incorrect TCCL
    * [GERONIMO-2234] - User can lock the default keystore without warning, making jetty server unusable
    * [GERONIMO-2235] - Locking default keystore results in serialization error on tomcat termination
    * [GERONIMO-2236] - keystore portlet - providing a null or incorrect password on edit unlock can only be recovered with server recycle
    * [GERONIMO-2237] - Filtering of in TomcatDeployer plan creates CNF Exceptions in Ears
    * [GERONIMO-2238] - Can't copy a MultiParentClassLoader
    * [GERONIMO-2241] - Duplicate attributes created in config.xml for gbean
    * [GERONIMO-2243] - GBean references do not trim space from interface names (ref-type)
    * [GERONIMO-2245] - Why corbaNameGroup:css-name?
    * [GERONIMO-2247] - Apllications Portlets: "Restart" column does not alternate background color
    * [GERONIMO-2252] - A locked key in a keystore can never be unlocked.
    * [GERONIMO-2256] - update m:checkout goal to use http to checkout openejb
    * [GERONIMO-2259] - Redeploy fails when module is not running
    * [GERONIMO-2260] - Plugin export process loses data
    * [GERONIMO-2261] - Stopped module makes plugin eligible
    * [GERONIMO-2262] - Plugin install progress stuck on "search for ..." during download
    * [GERONIMO-2266] - FileAuditLoginModule: Does not log failed attempts
    * [GERONIMO-2267] - RepeatedFailureLockoutLoginModule: Does not function
    * [GERONIMO-2268] - Security Realm with more than one LoginModule does not function as expected
    * [GERONIMO-2269] - Error after redeploy (with no version in module ID)
    * [GERONIMO-2270] - Redeploy broken in 1.1.1
    * [GERONIMO-2271] - Security Realm deployed as part of a web app listed as "Serverwide"
    * [GERONIMO-2272] - Fix bad javamail version in
    * [GERONIMO-2274] - realm-principal does not work in web app security
    * [GERONIMO-2275] - login-domain-principal or realm-principal in default-principal cause deployment errors
    * [GERONIMO-2278] - Problems in editing Jetty SSL Connector and the edit page in Geronimo Console
    * [GERONIMO-2279] - FileKeyStoreInstance: Does not save keyPasswords after removing an entry
    * [GERONIMO-2280] - FileKeystoreInstance.getKeyManager() fails when there is more than one privatekey in the store
    * [GERONIMO-2281] - Deploy tool does not work (built from new m2 build)
    * [GERONIMO-2283] - Common libs portlet guesses wrong group ID, gives no usage advice
    * [GERONIMO-2284] - Console DB/JMS and Security Realm naming inconsistent
    * [GERONIMO-2285] - Console Show Plan screens have bad EAR plan in advice
    * [GERONIMO-2288] - Abstract/Maven repositories install modules incorrectly
    * [GERONIMO-2289] - generates wrong default-repository element
    * [GERONIMO-2293] - Can't deploy exploded WAR with plan with no environment
    * [GERONIMO-2294] - In security realm with multiple login modules, anything after the first is ignored
    * [GERONIMO-2295] - Web app security constraint ignored if url-pattern doesn't match servlet mapping exactly
    * [GERONIMO-2298] - geronimo-deploy-jsr88 jar is missing manifest entries in m2 build
    * [GERONIMO-2302] - Unable to deploy from the console
    * [GERONIMO-2304] - Can't deploy on minimal assemblies produced with m2 build
    * [GERONIMO-2305] - geronimo.kernel.classloader.JarFileUrlStreamHandler fails with Trinidad
    * [GERONIMO-2306] - Add ASL info to LICENSE/NOTICE files in geronimo-util jar file and BouncyCastle info to root directory LICENSE/NOTICE
    * [GERONIMO-2309] - MimeMessageTest can give failures for some Windows configurations.
    * [GERONIMO-2313] - Subject not propagated correctly between web app and ejb
    * [GERONIMO-2314] - Can not create a datasource with the name "jdbc/EmployeeDatasource" from console
    * [GERONIMO-2318] - Database path validation not present
    * [GERONIMO-2319] - Unable to create a new OpenWire Listener from console
    * [GERONIMO-2321] - DB Pool wizard allows "/" in the DB Pool name
    * [GERONIMO-2325] - unable to deploy from console with m2 build
    * [GERONIMO-2326] - unable to deploy a database pool
    * [GERONIMO-2327] - Need to encode colons for JACC web permissions
    * [GERONIMO-2329] - Remote-deploy failures between Windows and Linux machines
    * [GERONIMO-2330] - mismatched constructor gbean error message doesn't actually show the expected classes
    * [GERONIMO-2338] - m2 assemblies have no way of getting rars/jars that aren't car dependencies into the g repo
    * [GERONIMO-2339] - Empty auth-constraint tag in web app security-constraint does not prevent access to resource
    * [GERONIMO-2341] - EditableConfigurationManager problems!!???!!!!
    * [GERONIMO-2343] - tomcat does not use maxPostSize set in config.xml
    * [GERONIMO-2346] - DB Info in console does not work and shows 'java.sql.SQLException' in the log
    * [GERONIMO-2347] - JMS Resources don't work in the console for ActiveMQ
    * [GERONIMO-2348] - Tomcat ConnectorGBean does not handle attribute values properly
    * [GERONIMO-2350] - CertificateChainCallbackHandler willfully conceals causes of failure
    * [GERONIMO-2352] - j2ee-builder test deployment modules won't actually deploy
    * [GERONIMO-2353] - Reduce the number of places where CORBA config parameters are specified.
    * [GERONIMO-2355] - javamail MimeUtility tests will not work in all code pages.
    * [GERONIMO-2362] - NPEs in DConfigBean/DDBean code
    * [GERONIMO-2363] - Console: create new pool using wizard, cannot use "show plan" button for any XA database, even derby
    * [GERONIMO-2373] - build broken with the removal of geronimo-j2ee_1.4_spec from the specs
    * [GERONIMO-2377] - deploying a new datasource with the same name does not indicate any problem in the console
    * [GERONIMO-2378] - Problems in JavaScript validation code forms.js
    * [GERONIMO-2386] - Cleanup debug log entries created during server startup
    * [GERONIMO-2389] - App client container must avoid use of server-side configurations (modules) and needs individual spec jars
    * [GERONIMO-2394] - MagicGBall deployment plans lost when converted to maven 2 build.
    * [GERONIMO-2395] - We need to have only the current version of geronimo plan schemas in svn.
    * [GERONIMO-2397] - Need to use the jee5 schemas without redistributing them
    * [GERONIMO-2402] - Redeployment fails after third iteration.
    * [GERONIMO-2404] - Edit HTTPS Connector page does not display the connector name
    * [GERONIMO-2405] - App client container must run swing apps
    * [GERONIMO-2408] - Update maven-rar-plugin config to 2.2-SNAPSHOT (or 2.2)
    * [GERONIMO-2421] - Noone seems to have a clue about which corba spec jar works and the build uses several
    * [GERONIMO-2422] - Session ID lost frequently on Jetty (impacts web console significantly)
    * [GERONIMO-2425] - Cannot deploy a new database pool (weekly trunk build 1.2-447908)
    * [GERONIMO-2431] - generateCSR reverses the attribute sequence in subject name
    * [GERONIMO-2432] - Missing dependency in geronimo-clustering-wadi module.
    * [GERONIMO-2436] - FileKeystoreInstance.generateKeyPair() should check if the keystore is loaded
    * [GERONIMO-2437] - Empty dirs and config.xml entries left behind after undeploy
    * [GERONIMO-2440] - Geronimo java.endorsed.dirs support is non-functional
    * [GERONIMO-2442] - update geronimo-plugin.xml files to use org.apache.geronimo group ids
    * [GERONIMO-2443] - Import CA reply should match the public key in the keystore with that in the certificate from CA.
    * [GERONIMO-2445] - openejb needs incubator in its version
    * [GERONIMO-2447] - Geronimo needs to use updated openejb xsd namespaces
    * [GERONIMO-2450] - geronimo annotation spec lack a LICENSE/NOTICE in the jar
    * [GERONIMO-2453] - car-maven-plugin does not support empty plans
    * [GERONIMO-2455] - Upgrade to new MX4J service release
    * [GERONIMO-2456] - NOTICE.txt is missing some notices added during 1.1.1 development
    * [GERONIMO-2458] - MapEditor does not work
    * [GERONIMO-2459] - Connector deployer needs to add dependency to j2ee-server for J2EEServer gbean reference
    * [GERONIMO-2465] - Relocate plugin repository list to a source controlled location
    * [GERONIMO-2467] - Reference name errors in configs client-corba-sun, client-corba-yoko, j2ee-corba-sun, j2ee-corba-yoko
    * [GERONIMO-2469] - Allow sharing of a single WADI group communication instance between multiple Web-app
    * [GERONIMO-2471] - JMX Portlet doesn't display all the attributes of a web module
    * [GERONIMO-2477] - NPE in JCAResourceImpl
    * [GERONIMO-2479] - j2ee remote ejb clients should look for "localhost" not by default
    * [GERONIMO-2482] - Remove console JARs from WEB-INF/lib
    * [GERONIMO-2483] - Yoko support also requires the yoko-rmi jar on the endorsed jars class path.
    * [GERONIMO-2484] - NamespaceDrivenBuilders should register QNameSets
    * [GERONIMO-2486] - All plans should use 1.2 namespace
    * [GERONIMO-2489] - Client builder bug is blocking usage of Daytrader AppClient
    * [GERONIMO-2491] - Hibernate passes connections between servlets which we don't support
    * [GERONIMO-2494] - javamail merged jar should use 1.3.1 version, not 1.3
    * [GERONIMO-2501] - Unable to deploy database pools
    * [GERONIMO-2503] - Webapp classloader prefers WEB-INF/lib over WEB-INF/classes
    * [GERONIMO-2504] - Allow all read-only operations on KeystoreInstance to be available to services
    * [GERONIMO-2507] - Starting the webconsole config is taking *way* too much time
    * [GERONIMO-2513] - Can't deploy just a plan with geronimo-maven-plugin
    * [GERONIMO-2514] - Reference overrides in config.xml need to be writable and readable
    * [GERONIMO-2519] - ProtocolGBean ignoring the properties attribute.
    * [GERONIMO-2520] - The ProtocolGBeans not handling Boolean properties correctly in addOverrides().
    * [GERONIMO-2521] - add snapshot support to plugin installer gbean
    * [GERONIMO-2522] - Hot deployer makes app hangs
    * [GERONIMO-2524] - Remove g-d.xml from geronimo-webservices
    * [GERONIMO-2526] - Set J2EEApplication and J2EEServer for tomcat MBeans
    * [GERONIMO-2529] - Connector framework must not re-close connections that are closed in a synchronization afterCompletion
    * [GERONIMO-2533] - Password setup forms should use a confirmation field
    * [GERONIMO-2539] - car-maven-plugin should allow more stuff into manifest classpath
    * [GERONIMO-2546] - SecurityRealms portlet is broken
    * [GERONIMO-2547] - Java source files still using group-id "geronimo"
    * [GERONIMO-2549] - NullPointerException: CommandListConfigurations
    * [GERONIMO-2551] - Plugin hits NPE if maven-metadata listed artifact doesn't exist or JAR artifact maven-metadata doesn't exist
    * [GERONIMO-2553] - DatabasePools portlet - create new is broken
    * [GERONIMO-2555] - Windows scripts don't work when used from different drive
    * [GERONIMO-2558] - CORBABean definitions in j2ee-corba-* plans don't contain references to the SSLConfig.
    * [GERONIMO-2559] - cannot stop activemq via kernel shutdown
    * [GERONIMO-2560] - Realm added using SecurityRealm portlet does not work
    * [GERONIMO-2563] - Need to update Yoko version level to match what openejb is using.
    * [GERONIMO-2565] - User confirmation on attempting to stop a web connector through WebServer portlet
    * [GERONIMO-2566] - Creating new listeners for ActiveMQ from JMS Server portlet fails
    * [GERONIMO-2570] - Hard-coded CORBABean port in client-corba-yoko plan conflicts with j2ee-corba-yoko definitions.
    * [GERONIMO-2571] - Server Startup Time is Very Slow
    * [GERONIMO-2573] - Be even more careful not to try to register a Synchronization with a non-active tx
    * [GERONIMO-2580] - CorbaRefBuilder inserts ref for java:comp/CORBA that fails when corba gbean is not present.
    * [GERONIMO-2583] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/geronimo/deployment/plugin/ConfigIDExtractor
    * [GERONIMO-2584] - Hot deploy module/server restart, throws IllegalArgumentException if application deployed using hotdeployment
    * [GERONIMO-2585] - KeystorePortlet: Lock keystore throws NullPointerException
    * [GERONIMO-2586] - KeystorePortlet: Unlock keystore for availability shows key aliases only when keystore is unlocked for edit
    * [GERONIMO-2587] - FileKeystoreInstance.loadKeystoreData() results in inconsistent state if wrong password is supplied
    * [GERONIMO-2588] - KeyStorePortlet: Locking and unlocking could use some error and info messages
    * [GERONIMO-2590] - The TSSLinkBuilder is not included in the list of loaded builders.
    * [GERONIMO-2591] - Database Pools portlet: Create new pool dependency jar selection problems
    * [GERONIMO-2592] - TSSLink doStart() method is not getting called.
    * [GERONIMO-2599] - deploying RAR leads to message that Geronimo can't find web.xml
    * [GERONIMO-2602] - default compile scope is overloaded with 2 meanings in PlanProcessorMojo
    * [GERONIMO-2603] - Building 1.2 if there are 2.0 artifacts in the repo results in mostly 2.0 artifacts in the server.
    * [GERONIMO-2610] - Build error due to
    * [GERONIMO-2624] - Offline deployer busted
    * [GERONIMO-2625] - Geronimo Console: login page prevents using username, password longer than 25 characters for login
    * [GERONIMO-2627] - jsr88 classpath is all messed up
    * [GERONIMO-2630] - sun j2ee schemas are being redistributed in jsp and servlet specs
    * [GERONIMO-2641] - Missing license headers
    * [GERONIMO-2644] - Fix leaking ClassLoaders
    * [GERONIMO-2645] - stax-api was regressed from 1.0.1 in G1.1.1 to 1.0 in G1.2
    * [GERONIMO-2647] - Non-Geronimo servlet-api-2.4.jar being included in G1.2 build
    * [GERONIMO-2649] - Insert of new EJB does not appear to be occurring
    * [GERONIMO-2686] - database creation pool wizzard fails to deploy
    * [GERONIMO-2695] - Requests using Non-secure HTTP connections cannot access unsecured web resources
    * [GERONIMO-2697] - OpenEJB schemas missing in Geronimo 1.2 distribution
    * [GERONIMO-2706] - Unable to create database pool
    * [GERONIMO-2713] - LDAP Realm fails to test and deploy
    * [GERONIMO-2745] - NPE at
    * [GERONIMO-2753] - the "namingProviderUrl" element does *not* appear to control which IP addresses the RMI service binds to
    * [GERONIMO-2780] - Tomcat fails to accept certificate alias
    * [GERONIMO-2792] - Assembly plans still contain references to non-existant corba-sun configs
    * [GERONIMO-2795] - TransactionSynchronizationRegistry needs to register lots of interposed syncs per tx.
    * [GERONIMO-2801] - The Geronimo 1.2 build needs to switch from a specific yoko revision number to the snapshot build to pick up latest fixes. 
    * [GERONIMO-2818] - In-Place deployment does not interpret Manifest Class-Path entries correctly in JAR files
    * [GERONIMO-2823] - System class loader should not be searched for resource META-INF/geronimo-dependency.xml by AbstractRepository.getDependencies
    * [GERONIMO-2838] - Fix Transaction Recovery bug
    * [GERONIMO-2839] - 1.2 and 2.0 geronimo naming schemas differ in what to call a persistence-unit-ref
    * [GERONIMO-2867] - javax.mail.Service.connect() not using port from transport URLName()
    * [GERONIMO-2880] - TransportDisposedIOException occurs when trying to close ActiveMQ queue
    * [GERONIMO-2886] - CLONE -Offline deployer busted
    * [GERONIMO-2890] - javamail provider jar is not getting included in the release 1.2 assemblies.
    * [GERONIMO-2926] - Derby files are not being created in var/derby directory
    * [GERONIMO-2927] - Cannot rebuild Geronimo with external ActiveMQ XBean configuration because Spring Framework is missing
    * [GERONIMO-2933] - geronimo 1.2 needs a hacked version of xalan to get past the tck
    * [GERONIMO-2938] - javamail SMTPTransport has interpretation of mail.smtp.quitwait option wrong.
    * [GERONIMO-2968] - Hide Bogus Tomcat 5.5 error message when running on Java SE 5
    * [GERONIMO-3068] - Null pointer exception during shutdown
    * [GERONIMO-3077] - Binary distribution does not include Release-Notes
    * [GERONIMO-3078] - Incorrect src license headers in 2 test files
    * [GERONIMO-3079] - cleanup old files

** Improvement
    * [GERONIMO-433] - Tolerate non-Sun JREs
    * [GERONIMO-585] - No indication when DefaultWorkManager pool is exhausted
    * [GERONIMO-790] - JettyModuleBuilder should use references to templates, not their names
    * [GERONIMO-903] - Update Log4J usage from 1.2.8 to latest maintenance version of 1.2.13
    * [GERONIMO-917] - Unfriendly error message from mavendeploy:start plugin
    * [GERONIMO-931] - Rename administrative security realm
    * [GERONIMO-1075] - Configuration classloaders should support an inverse classloading delegation model.
    * [GERONIMO-1163] - improve jmx debug console
    * [GERONIMO-1194] - Installer should only install packs(features) selected at install time
    * [GERONIMO-1273] - JMS Network Listener add dialogs should give some context information on the protocol.
    * [GERONIMO-1278] - Upgrade to XML Beans 2.1.0 from 2.0.0
    * [GERONIMO-1317] - Rename the "new" goals to more meaningful names with additional build properties
    * [GERONIMO-1335] - Create issues for making the plugins run in more ways
    * [GERONIMO-1396] - Provide consistent look and feel for table views in the web console across all portlets
    * [GERONIMO-1401] - Updates to BUILDING.txt about the last changes to the build process
    * [GERONIMO-1403] - hot-deployer reports error msg every pollIntervalMillis
    * [GERONIMO-1418] - allow user to specify deployment targets by "nickname"
    * [GERONIMO-1429] - Post Geronimo Schemas online (e.g.
    * [GERONIMO-1432] - DirectConfigurationEntry should not wrap principals
    * [GERONIMO-1434] - Allow GBeans to be bound into a component's java:comp/env namespace
    * [GERONIMO-1479] - Add the maxPostSize and maxSavePostSize attributes to the Tomcat ConnectorGBean
    * [GERONIMO-1527] - InternetAddress does not properly implement address parsing.
    * [GERONIMO-1554] - Installer - Move advanced features to non-default installer path (simplify default installation)
    * [GERONIMO-1555] - Refactor web module builders
    * [GERONIMO-1557] - When you enter the url of a web service in the console You should get a page showing the service name
    * [GERONIMO-1563] - [RTC] Make the JACC implementation pluggable
    * [GERONIMO-1571] - Just a suggestion to state in the source distributin's BUILDING.txt file that compilation requires a JDK compatible with version 1.4, and that 1.5 will not work.
    * [GERONIMO-1592] - Add NamedUPCredentialLoginModule to Console Realm Wizard
    * [GERONIMO-1605] - Display PID of started process when using start or
    * [GERONIMO-1606] - Display message indicating Geronimo is being started in another window when started with geronimo.bat start or startup.bat
    * [GERONIMO-1607] - Allow user to specify arguments to be used on the Windows START command issued by geronimo.bat
    * [GERONIMO-1608] - Improve Geronimo script documentation
    * [GERONIMO-1613] - Eliminate unncessary dependencies to reduce assemnbly footprint size
    * [GERONIMO-1647] - Enabling access to session id on Tomcat
    * [GERONIMO-1648] - Eliminate unnecessary config parent (import) dependencies
    * [GERONIMO-1651] - Complete implementation of javamail MimeMessage and MimeUtil classes.
    * [GERONIMO-1664] - Export / Import configurations capability
    * [GERONIMO-1705] - Use AJAX to provide for a progress bar when downloading a JDBC jar
    * [GERONIMO-1749] - Server Logs portlet - Web Access Log Viewer improvements
    * [GERONIMO-1772] - Application class loader should not see server classes
    * [GERONIMO-1796] - Improve SMTP transport debug trace output.
    * [GERONIMO-1798] - Bring NNTPStore and NNTPTransport to same level of debugging tracing added to SMTP.
    * [GERONIMO-1880] - To Allow configurable password digests during REALM Deployment.
    * [GERONIMO-1881] - Remove obsolete interop module
    * [GERONIMO-1960] - Reject invalid GBean references at deployment time
    * [GERONIMO-2002] - OpenEJB CORBA SSL should use Keystore GBean
    * [GERONIMO-2092] - Modules migration to M2
    * [GERONIMO-2129] - Allow user to specify the pool size for Stateless Session beans
    * [GERONIMO-2135] - Improve the ActiveMQ GBeans
    * [GERONIMO-2147] - Remove javamail-transport from Geronimo build and replace with javamail-provider dependency.
    * [GERONIMO-2152] - Update for new OpenEJB 2.2
    * [GERONIMO-2156] - Upgrade to JCL 1.1
    * [GERONIMO-2216] - Use JLine API to get password interactivly when using shutdown
    * [GERONIMO-2224] - Add a geronimo specific system property for controlling dom, sax, and transformer creation
    * [GERONIMO-2248] - Applications portlets: List Parent and Child components against each component
    * [GERONIMO-2277] - Remove TransactionContextManager
    * [GERONIMO-2291] - Allow WebServiceBuilder determine if there are WebServices to be deployed
    * [GERONIMO-2299] - Unpack assemblies for easier development/testing
    * [GERONIMO-2300] - Use jar or assembly plugin to generate classpath/manifest bits for stuff in bin/*
    * [GERONIMO-2345] - Windows Version of bootstrap
    * [GERONIMO-2349] - jta 1.1 support with container manager jpa support in transaction module
    * [GERONIMO-2354] - Replace concurrent with backport-concurrent-util
    * [GERONIMO-2365] - Upgrade Derby to
    * [GERONIMO-2374] - use junit decorators with selenium
    * [GERONIMO-2379] - Security Realms portlet - form field validation using javascript
    * [GERONIMO-2380] - Keystores portlet - Form field validation using javascript
    * [GERONIMO-2381] - DB Manager portlet - Form field validation using javascript
    * [GERONIMO-2382] - Webservers portlet - Form field validation using javascript
    * [GERONIMO-2383] - Replace ENCConfigBuilder with a pluggable set of NamingBuilders
    * [GERONIMO-2388] - JMS Server portlet improvement - field validation, reset button and show current task
    * [GERONIMO-2390] - Tomcat connectors missing several attributes
    * [GERONIMO-2392] - Too hard to tell why a gbean doesn't start
    * [GERONIMO-2398] - Tx/Connector support should be separated from j2ee-server and client
    * [GERONIMO-2403] - make bootstrap fail early if the wrong jdk is in use
    * [GERONIMO-2406] - Provide Dojo AJAX library as a native webapp
    * [GERONIMO-2409] - Provide config/module aliasing ability
    * [GERONIMO-2414] - SchemaConversionUtils should have only generic code: individual builders should have specific code
    * [GERONIMO-2415] - TestSupport should support xmlbeans tests
    * [GERONIMO-2417] - Create a new framework assembly to be used as a fundamental Geronimo assembly building block
    * [GERONIMO-2419] - Log the output of the executions from the geronimo-maven-plugin goals
    * [GERONIMO-2426] - Site docs, javadocs for the geronimo-maven-plugin
    * [GERONIMO-2427] - NamingBuilders should handle both j2ee 1.4 and jee 5 environment entries (such as resource-refs)
    * [GERONIMO-2444] - Add new "integration-test" packaging for testsuite modules
    * [GERONIMO-2448] - Add ServiceModules group in the JMX tree of the JMX portlet
    * [GERONIMO-2452] - Remove geronimo-jetty dependency from geronimo-clustering-wadi
    * [GERONIMO-2454] - Upgrade xerces to version 2.8.1
    * [GERONIMO-2461] - Provide non-transactional datasource for use by jpa providers
    * [GERONIMO-2468] - Tribes as the default group communication implementation for WADI
    * [GERONIMO-2470] - Add support for Session Replication
    * [GERONIMO-2472] - Remove the display of GBeanInfo attribute in the JMX portlet
    * [GERONIMO-2473] - generated app client config ids from ears should contain the jar name of the app client inside the ear
    * [GERONIMO-2476] - name component of server side app client module gbean should always be the artifactId of the app client config
    * [GERONIMO-2478] - ContextForwardServlet should have a registration mechanism
    * [GERONIMO-2490] - Include Java enviroment info in Server and Client logfiles
    * [GERONIMO-2499] - Generalize NamingBuilder so it can handle more than just jndi building
    * [GERONIMO-2525] - Allow attributes to contain mixed content
    * [GERONIMO-2538] - Upgrade Dojo to 0.4.0
    * [GERONIMO-2541] - Priority order for GBeans
    * [GERONIMO-2542] - Writing XML schema documentation for geronimo-web in distribution
    * [GERONIMO-2544] - Upgrade jetty 5 version to 5.1.11
    * [GERONIMO-2574] - SwitchingModuleBuilder should always hand out the single builder if it only has one registered.
    * [GERONIMO-2589] - Generate transitvily
    * [GERONIMO-2594] - Add xalan to endorsed directory
    * [GERONIMO-2597] - Make web service builder optional
    * [GERONIMO-2634] - Switch to activemq 4.1.0-incubator: include apache incubator repo in our repo list.
    * [GERONIMO-2672] - Improving the Deployment schema documentation -geronimo-application.xsd
    * [GERONIMO-2715] - Connector Lazy Activation
    * [GERONIMO-2761] - Upgrade to Log4J 1.2.14 maintenance release
    * [GERONIMO-2862] - Detect Yoko classes are not endorsed
    * [GERONIMO-2900] - more readable output from list-modules when there's >1 target
    * [GERONIMO-2918] - Have the ActiveMQ broker configured from an external configuration file by default
    * [GERONIMO-2932] - Show more info when something goes wrong starting a configuration.
    * [GERONIMO-2945] - Reorganized the geronimo-javamail tree so that the 1.3.1 and 1.4 providers can be release separately.
    * [GERONIMO-2964] - Cannot specify the Tomcat work directory for a web application

** New Feature
    * [GERONIMO-1133] - UUID primary key generator
    * [GERONIMO-1192] - Installer should create a config.xml for the target install
    * [GERONIMO-1259] - reduce the size of the combined deployment plan: package deployment plans in a jar and pass this jar to the deployer
    * [GERONIMO-1260] - simplify construction of the combined deployment plan: deployment plan template and preprocessor
    * [GERONIMO-1341] - POP3 Implementation
    * [GERONIMO-1573] - Spring integration -- wrap our components in spring interfaces
    * [GERONIMO-1593] - Add SMTP Authentication and STARTTLS support.
    * [GERONIMO-1823] - Add Embedded LDAP Server Viewer Portlet
    * [GERONIMO-2071] - Move Geronimo build to M2 (new 1.2 trunk)
    * [GERONIMO-2132] - Move activemq gbean integration modules from ActiveMQ to Geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-2148] - Add javamail 1.4 to geronimo specs.
    * [GERONIMO-2153] - Global JNDI
    * [GERONIMO-2163] - WADI Integration for Jetty
    * [GERONIMO-2180] - Add Yoko ORB support to openejb/Geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-2265] - Upgrade to use the new commons-modeler-2.0 release
    * [GERONIMO-2333] - Add JMX Portlet
    * [GERONIMO-2359] - Improve geronimo-maven-plugin's module deploy/undeploy/start/stop support
    * [GERONIMO-2413] - Add a Certification Authority (CA) portlet to Geronimo console
    * [GERONIMO-2449] - JSR 181 Specs Build
    * [GERONIMO-2460] - JPA container managed persistence support
    * [GERONIMO-2462] - Demonstrate openjpa integration
    * [GERONIMO-2463] - Add support to conditionally load modules based on environment + simple expression
    * [GERONIMO-2466] - Add a new Java Activation Framework 1.1 implementation.

** RTC
    * [GERONIMO-2219] - [RTC] Merge m2migration (functional m2 build) to trunk
    * [GERONIMO-2223] - [RTC] Move genesis out of the sandbox
    * [GERONIMO-2332] - RTC Put the generated xmlbeans files for the j2ee 1.4 schemas in svn in a spec module so we don't need the schemas in svn at all
    * [GERONIMO-2364] - Update geronimo to use ActiveMQ 4.1.x

** Task
    * [GERONIMO-226] - Locical dependency support
    * [GERONIMO-851] - Move Geronimo Build to M2 (Maven 2)
    * [GERONIMO-1164] - Java Adventure Builder Reference application deployment
    * [GERONIMO-1326] - Remove ServiceMix modules / builder from 1.0 branch
    * [GERONIMO-1356] - Clean up <distributionDirectory> element in project.xml files as it contains 'incubator'
    * [GERONIMO-1458] - Use JacORB IDL Compiler instead of Sun's idlj
    * [GERONIMO-1514] - Fix installer license statements
    * [GERONIMO-1544] - Installer - Straighten out licensing issues for IzPack sub-components.
    * [GERONIMO-1644] - Migrate kernel module to Maven2
    * [GERONIMO-1672] -  Module migration to Maven2: security
    * [GERONIMO-1702] - The latest maven 1 Build process
    * [GERONIMO-2053] - Restting Geronimo Build Tree for 1.2 Development for post 1.1 activities
    * [GERONIMO-2107] - Begin reorganization of the javamail source tree.
    * [GERONIMO-2111] - Change Default WebContainer behaviour to disable AccessLogging
    * [GERONIMO-2161] - [RTC] Remove Geronimo modules from dependencyManagement in root pom.xml
    * [GERONIMO-2162] - Rename all modules to match the artifactId defined in the module's pom.xml
    * [GERONIMO-2174] - Remove "modules/console-web"
    * [GERONIMO-2331] - Remove Maven 1 Artificats from Trunk and Reorganize Directories to Conform to Maven 2 Layouts
    * [GERONIMO-2334] - Drop installer-support module (izpack installer support)
    * [GERONIMO-2371] - bootstrap script removed as build helper tool
    * [GERONIMO-2411] - Add NOTICE and LICENSE files to CAR, WAR and EAR artifacts
    * [GERONIMO-2441] - Change configs, assemblies to adapt to new org.apache.openejb package name
    * [GERONIMO-2537] - All Geronimo source files must be brought in line with the new ASF source header and copyright notice policy
    * [GERONIMO-2569] - Update source-repository in geronimo-plugin.xml
    * [GERONIMO-2601] - Remove the "Old Keystore" portlet
    * [GERONIMO-2637] - Remove Peer transport setup from JMS portlet in 1.2
    * [GERONIMO-2639] - Upgrade dojo to 0.4.1
    * [GERONIMO-2967] - Update the yoko dependencies to the M2 release level.
    * [GERONIMO-2984] - Update Geronimo to latest javamail spec and provider releases.
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