You can create new pools by clicking the Using the Geronimo database pool wizard link on the Database Pools portlet. This wizard will walk you through an easy four-step procedure.You can use the embedded derby database and create a datasource for it.

First you specify the name of the database pool and the database type.

Then you select the JDBC drivers, which by default have been pre-filled based on the database type you selected in the previous step. You must select the driver JAR from the scroll-down menu and also specify the database name. For this example a test database was previously created, this is a single step procedure and it is explained in Configuring databases in Geronimo. Starting from 2.2.1, you can secure the connections to the embedded Derby databases using geronimo-admin security realm. The default user name is dbadmin and the password manager. You can always change the default password if necessary. For datasources created with blank username and password, you must update the values of those 2 parameters as APP and APP to access relevant databases properly. See accessing user defined databases for more details.

The following figure shows the Deployment Plan for the selected database. This plan contains the pool type, connector interface and the connection factory options from the setup properties.

When you successfully tested the connection, click Deploy. Alternatively, you can click Show Plan to see or edit the deployment plan for this database pool. Additional instructions on how to manually deploy a DB plan might be found in the Configuring a DB2 datasource section.

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