This topic is about how to create a new embedded database in Geronimo with available DB Manager and configure the location of embedded Derby system database to another location instead of the default /var/derby directory.

Creating a new database

Near the bottom of the Console Navigation menu navigate through Embedded DB -> DB Manager. This portlet triggers the DB Viewer and Run SQL portlets illustrated in the following figures.

The DB Viewer portlet displays all the available databases, their tables (application and system) and the the table contents. Click the Application link to work with database application tables. Click the System link to work with database system tables.

The RunSQL portlet allows you to create or delete databases, or run SQL commands against a given database. The SQL commands allow you to create, drop, or modify tables, and select, insert or delete rows from the database tables.

To create a test database, specify test in the Create DB: field and click Create. After a few seconds you will see a confirmation message near the bottom of the Run SQL portlet, stating Database created: test. You will find the test database entry in the DB Viewer portlet.

If you want to run any SQL command on this database make sure you select test from the Use DB: pull-down menu, enter the SQL command and then click the Run SQL button. The results of the command will be displayed near the bottom of the portlet.

Configuring the location of system Derby databases

By default, all system databases are created in the /var/derby directory when Geronimo server starts up for the first time. You can override the default derbySystemHome attribute of the DerbySystem GBean. Find the system-database module in /var/config/config.xml and it looks like as below:

excerpt of config.xml
   <module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/system-database/2.2/car">
       <gbean name="DerbyNetwork">
           <attribute name="host">${ServerHostname}</attribute>
           <attribute name="port">${DerbyPort + PortOffset}</attribute>
       <gbean name="DerbySystem">
         <attribute name="derbySystemHome">var/derby</attribute>

Note that derbySystemHome can be configured to an absolute location or a relative one.

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