(Note: Console screenshots are from Geronimo 2.0. Current console varies slightly.)

This wizard offers two different alternatives for importing existing BEA WebLogic database pools. The first one is by providing a configuration file (i.e. config.xml). If you choose this option, the wizard will convert as many fields as it can and then will ask you to manually enter those failed to be converted. One of the values that you must manually input is the database password.

The second alternative is feasible if you have both Apache Geronimo and BEA WebLogic servers installed on the same machine. You can directly specify the WebLogic installation path and domain directories. This alternative has the advantage of being able to directly read the database passwords.

Apart from the alternative you choose, you are still required to tell Geronimo where the database driver jars are. For this particular example, we will use the Repository portlet to install the PointBase driver jar.

Here are the steps of installing the PointBase database driver jar in Geronimo.

  1. Locate the PointBase client driver jar pbclient44.jar. This file is located in the <bea_home>weblogic81\common\eval\pointbase\lib directory. Make a copy of this file and rename it pbclient-4.4.0.jar.
  2. Use the Repository portlet to install the PointBase driver jar. From the Administration Console click JAR Repository to access the portlet, click Browse and point to the database driver jar. Change the Group: to PointBase, leave the remaining fields by default and click Install. You will see PointBase/pbclient/4.4.0/jar listed near the top of the repository entries list.

From the Geronimo Administration Console click the Database Pools link. From the Database Pools portlet click Import from WebLogic 8.1. The following figure illustrates the import wizard.

For this particular example, the focus is the second alternative. A default example domain was created in the WebLogic server with all the sample applications also included by default. This domain is located in the <bea_home>\user_projects\domains\examples directory.

In the first screen of the import wizard (illustrated in the above figure) enter Domain directory path: and weblogic81/server/lib path: and click Next.

  • Domain directory path: <bea_home>\user_projects\domains\examples
  • weblogic81/server/lib path: <bea_home>\weblogic81\server\lib

The Step 2 illustrated in the following figure shows a list of recognized database pools from the WebLogic domain you specified that can be imported to Apache Geronimo.

Note that the WebLogic domain you are trying to import the database pool from must be running if you want to successfully test the connection. For this example click the second Confirm and Deploy from the list, the one corresponding to examples-dataSource-demoPool.

In the following step select the Driver JAR: you just created in the Geronimo repository.

Note that the database password has been recognized. Click Test Connection, you will see a confirmation similar to the following figure. Click Deploy.

The following page goes back to the Step 2, this time it will display the remaining database pools available for import and will also show the import status of the database pool you just imported. At this point you can click Skip Remaining Pools to leave the import wizard.

You now see the database pool you just imported listed in the database pool portlet.

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