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Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo Eclipse Plugin -- Version 2.2.0 -- 20100111122824

Helpful URLs
Geronimo Devtools:                
Geronimo Eclipse Update Site:     
Bug Tracking:                     
Quick start - fast and easy development:
5-minute Tutorial using GEP:      

System Requirements
1. Java J2SE 1.5.0 or greater, and a platform that supports it

2. Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Galileo or Ganymede), which is platform-specific

   -- Get Eclipse from

3. Geronimo server (1.1.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x or 2.2)

   -- Get a Geronimo server from

You will likely need to increase the default setting for maximum PermGen size
for your Eclipse installation (especially for Sun's JDK 1.5.0_x on the Windows
platform) to prevent "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen" errors. From the
command line you can use:

        eclipse -vmargs -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

Or you can edit your eclipse.ini file. An example is shown below but remember
that each argument has to be on seperate lines:


Geronimo Eclipse Plugin Version 2.2.0 Enhancements

1. Numerous enhancements to the Geronimo deployment plan editors

2. Inegrate v1.1.x server adapter in GEP 2.2. See details in online release notes

Installation Instructions


Bug Fixed and New Features

GERONIMODEVTOOLS-598	Support builds on Linux x86_64 based systems
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-594	Geronimo server can't be deleted when it has been stopped in GEP
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-593	" " download URL is incorrect in build.xml
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-592	Extend "rename" for ejb/connector/ear project,too, meanwhile rename artifactId in these deployment plans.
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-591	"Next" can go to next step without application chosen after click "back" button.
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-590	org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring added in Require-Bundle must be set visibility:=reexport,
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-587	Using GEP to convert an application to a plugin, if add prerequisite module,will encouter an error when install the plugin
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-586	Index.jsp can not find servlet in the same project when use <jsp:include page="/ConverterHandler" />
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-585	Make GEP generate standard JEE deployment descriptor by default
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-582	Plugin list contains non-car modules when create plugin
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-581	GEP 2.2 can't be installed on WTP 3.1 used by Eclipse 3.5 Galileo
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-579	java specs are not included into G server runtime by default
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-577	Appclient server and client environment module ID are the same resulting in deployment error.
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575	GEP errors that are logged to the Eclipse error log are not always seen by end-user
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-571	"Next" or "Finish" Button displays when required fields are not selected or checked during convert plugin
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-567	EJB projected created by WTP without openejb-jar.xml cannot be published to Geronimo 2.1.4 server via GEP 2.1.4
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-563	Start geronimo server in profiling mode
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-510	Deployment plan editor warning message when opening source tab for openejb-jar.xml file
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-504	advanced security section does not allow setting of credential store
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-456	Add Security Realm Wizard to GEP to deploy security realm directly from GEP
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-455	Add Database pool wizard in GEP to enable application specific pools
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-453	JAXB Classes support for schema geronimo-login-config-2.0.xsd
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-362	GEP DependencyHelper not interrogating server for already-deployed dependencies
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-361	GEP DependencyHelper not interrogating all contents of EAR files for dependencies
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-320	Provide facility to change id/pw associated with server instance (withing creating a new instance of the server)
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-289	Unable to deploy EJB application on AG 2.1 through Eclipse
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-283	Refactoring a Dynamic Web Project's name doesn't refactor it's artifact id & context root
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-255	Can deploy and EAR file from the admin console without an application.xml file, but fails from the Eclipse plugin
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-578	Integrate server adapter 1.1 in GEP 2.2
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-573	<sec:security/> was added to plan after add a resource-ref via GEP UI
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-568	Trunk build failed: should remove "snapshot" for 2.1 runtime dependency package
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-541	move all Abbot testcases to run during a single server install/uninstall
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-519	Document the Deployment Plan editors
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-512	When running the testsuite from maven, the Geronimo branding does not show up
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-481	Convert all Junit testcases to use the new NamespacePrefix class (instead of NamespacePrefixMapper)
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-454	Add support to GEP for various Admin Console wizards like Database pool, Security realm etc
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-433	Tasklist for Ganymede-specific problems
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-432	Intermittent IllegalArgumentExceptions when starting a new run configuration using Ganymede
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-424	Port Plan Creator work into GEP Deployment Plan Editor
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-400	editing and saving the deployment plan XML doesn't get reflected back into the editor pages.
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-383	unable to set enterprise-beans
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-379	unable to set cmp-connection-factory"
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-378	EJB deployment plan editor improvements
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-355	devtools web page out of date. refers GEP v2.0.0, not lastest v2.1.1
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-344	Cannot utilize the xpp3- jar in GEP
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-319	GEP security exception when attempting to use password that is not the default for the server
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-292	manual install of plugin broken
GERONIMODEVTOOLS-198	Daytrader deployment exception in Eclipse

Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo Eclipse Plugin -- Version 2.2.0 -- 20100111122824

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